Saturday, December 09, 2006

NASA to take the next step

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I was reading this news story NASA plans permanent outpost on moon by 2024 they are a bit late for finding the monolith in 2001 or the new sun at Jupiter for 2010. I've been waiting for them to have a base on the moon for 30 years. Maybe what has been holding them up is all the politics and we weren't culturally ready then. NASA - Why The Moon?

But it is a next stage in evolution since the human race must leave the womb of the earth sometime. As Robert Heinlein pointed out "The Earth is too fragile a basket to hold all of our eggs in" Just like the people that 1st sailed the oceans and settled in distant lands their is also a need to spread the the race across the stars. On the other hand are we mature enough to be able to refrain from the mistakes that were made during the colonization of the distant shores of the Earth? Hopefully we have made progress and can live up to the Plaque that was left at the site of the Moon Landing. There are a lot of other factors that would tend reinforce cooperation, one of them being any failure of the enviroment would have instant catastrophic effects on everyone so there could be no wasting of the resources.

I'm sure when NASA left that Plaque they didn't envision what other uses the phrase "We Came in Peace for all Mankind" could be put to use. But if you consider the possibilities this event could be the begining of as much a historic event as the Moon Landing if enough people participate and produce a Tipping Point that leads to the kind of Transformation that Ken Wilber talks about in Integral Politics

If we had that when we went out into the stars it would help the race succeed enormously. A lot of it depends on the amount and discipline of the people involved. A fairly large percentage of the global population would have a greater probability of producing an effect since it would contribute to generating a Tipping Point especially among the Mavens and Connectors to help it spread. Orgasms have always had the "stickiness" needed to produce the tipping point.

That's the trouble, since as a lot of people have said orgasms are going on all the time and no effect has happened. That leaves the part out about the correct focus to produce positive energy. The relaxed state of mind is there, the openess might last for a fraction of a second but then the internal dialogue starts up again and the bliss is lost with any chance of channeling any energy towards peace. That's why some knowledge and discipline is helpful to achieve any results.

While it's true that in some parts of the world like Tibet, India, Japan and China that have had a lot of the practice and discipline to produce and channel the energy needed, the problem is that it's such a small percentage of the global population that has been growing a lot faster than the energy produced could compensate for. That's why it would take a lot higher amount people and a larger percentage to push the idea past the tipping point to embrace transformation.

Getting that many people to focus on any one thing at a time is the hard work since the ones that most need it won't have the discipline or won't even believe that it's possible. Ken Wilber goes into some examples of this when he talks about Deep Science and it's relationship to spirituality. Unless you follow the steps necessary to aquire the skills then you aren't going to get the experiences or the evidence to be able to prove that it works.

If you don't learn how to use a microscope and actually look through it to observe the behaivor of cells then you're not going to be able to get the experiences or the evidence to understand how cells work. Getting enough people to associate a pleasurable experience like orgasms with something positive like World Peace is a step in the right direction, especially if they do it enough to condition it into a habit through positive reinforcement. It might take a lot more than 1 day for the harder cases, but at least it's something and contributes to achieving the tipping point to a degree.

Spider Robinson wrote a lot about the kinds of evolutionary steps we can take once we start living in space in The Stardance Project and having a Global O is a good start to learning them. It's another step along the way to The Future And You.