Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Essential Ingredient

When I met Krys it was like hitting the jackpot, grabbing the brass ring and winning the lottery that the odds of finding love ever happening to me finally came true. What I felt was like what was described in the song Angel Eyes.

She told me she felt the same way as that song, but the essential ingredient to any relationship is the willingness of two people to share their lives together. Susan Sarandon had a great way of putting it as a witness.

That might establish a baseline definition but it doesn’t say anything about the degree of commitment to the relationship. Krys and I used to use an example from the Mummy to show how much Evie loved Rick.

Admittedly it’s an extreme situation that required a greater showing commitment than most do, but Krys and I did discuss it and we both agreed that Evie did act more honorably to show the depth of her bond to Rick that she put his life above hers. While Anck Su Namun only showed that she put her selfish interests first by abandoning Imotep.

From the reaction that Krys had to that scene I had written to try and show a little bit of what being soul mates would be like, I thought that I had beaten the odds of finding someone that shared my ideas and goals in life. When we got married I thought I had found someone that I could let my guards down and trust to share my most intimate thoughts and ideas with. That was the plan that we were partners to achieve things together that we couldn’t separately.

When I tried to explain the practices of Tantric Yoga, she said she agreed with the ideas and wanted to achieve the benefits from it. But I’m not sure she understood what was involved in it from the practice we had it seemed like she was too afraid of letting go some of the baggage that was holding her back and lost the willingness to try and develop the discipline needed to make progress.

The trouble was that it seemed like she was unable to let go of her previous conditioning. She had led a sheltered life and was afraid of a lot of things. Her family history had left her with a distrust of men and it made her always expect the worst from them. From her father abandoning her and all the divorces in her family, her experiences had left a very negative impression on her.

It’s easy to say she followed the example of Anck Su Namun instead of Evie that she didn’t follow through on her vows and couldn’t contribute equally to the relationship, that she lied about being married and she was the one that betrayed the trust we had and committed infidelity by leaving for another. All that’s true but only part of the story. It’s just the surface facts and leaves out the depth of meaning and motives.

Now I’m wondering how much of what we had was her ideas of what a relationship was supposed to be projected onto me and mine projected onto her. I know we both chose symbolic ways of expressing things like mythic fairytale roles, like Piper and Leo from the TV show Charmed. They had a very committed marriage that they proved they would sacrifice their lives for each other. But they had their problems in their relationship also and sought help to work them out because they were still committed to the relationship. Is all Krys and I had were symbols with nothing behind them, wasn’t there more to it than that?

The point being is that even with all the problems I held onto the Essential Ingredient of wanting to share our lives together and I figured that whatever problems we had could be worked out if we wanted to go on with our lives. But apparently that’s not what she wanted since she bailed as soon as she could without putting much effort into trying to work things out.

I showed my mom the “Soulmates in Peril” video that I had made for the last wedding anniversary that we were together. I got stuck telling her more of the technical parts of the video because I had trouble describing all the symbols in the story that I developed for Krys.

Those symbols did have a lot of meaning to both of us they certainly communicated some things. But what if they were not exactly the same things because of the different levels of development? I definitely meant the vow of always coming for her and (death) or even the distractions from the illusions of samsara working out karma would not delay me forever. What if Krys started to identify more with Belle in that video then my Imzadi because she didn’t think she could live up to the harder role symbolized by being my Imzadi and gave into her inner demons to fall back on the role of Belle? In that way then she would be serving the Red Demon of her Past Conditioning.

That would make more sense if she confused the roles and identified with the self-destructive urges to base her decisions on. I can understand being afraid to put the effort into trying for success because of the risk of failure, that just invities temptations from selfish impulses. After all I wrote in the video that “There was no mountain too high and no river too wide because I would go to any lengths to rescue my soulmate.” Then I said it and recorded it to put with the voice over on the video. I definitely meant that I would fulfill that promise so shouldn’t I live up to it? I did have a lot of trouble with accepting the responsibility of what that involves so the fear of failing at it was strong.

If it was part of the myth like in “Roswell” where Liz leaves and goes to a boarding school then Max has to track her down for Liz to save him. I still would like to show that kind of devotion since like the song says I said “Honestly, I won’t give up you” but it does depend on the Essential Ingredient for her to also say “I shall believe”

A wider perspective than the egocentric might help to transcend that identification. If that were true then according to those symbols we would still be at the part where my Imzadi was kidnapped by her darker self and I have to go an rescue her from the demons of her past.

I put a lot of symbolism about jumping in and out of different realities in that video, from the comic book to virtual reality to photo-realism and I was thinking that might represent waking up from the illusions of the veil of maya like Richard Bach used in his book “One” and that Krys moving back to GA. might be like the test of Richard thinking that Leslie had drowned. To show the same principle that Richard learned

“Your own world is just as much of a mirage as any other. Your oneness in love is reality and mirages cannot change reality. Do not forget, no matter what seems to be” so by those symbols I would have to go to GA and show Krys that I could rise above the illusions that separate us from that “oneness in love” just like Richard was able to finally move the throttle of the seaplane and rise above the waters of the pattern. It does makes sense that Krys had some things to learn about independence that she had to learn by herself since we had talked about that before, it is just hard to know when she has learned enough yet. I would rather not have to wait until another life to reunite.

It all depends on how the fight between Belle and my Imzadi turns out in Krys. Has she grown beyond the level of development that Belle represents? Does she even want the Essential Ingredient that level of development my Imzadi represents?

Since I am going to start on the Integral Life Practice and part of that practice is to try and shine the light on the shadow aspects of yourself that have been repressed by your subconscious. So maybe I should ask a therapist about the psychological side of those symbols and find out what they think a useful interpretation of them is. That is what psychotherapy is supposed to address symbols in dreams and free associations to bring out hidden meanings. It certainly would help to have an objective opinion about what they mean and hopefully they can help expose some of the dormant aspects of myself that are draining my energy.

A competent therapist could probably get a more objective insight on who was projecting parts of themselves onto to who and maybe bring some clarity to the subjective interpretations of events. At least help me understand the parts that I had avoided and face up to the parts I wanted to ignore. It will be interesting to find out what their opinion is when I show it to them.