Monday, January 02, 2012

A new direction in Reality TV shows

Maybe a better way to get people interested and spread the idea of ILP to the masses would be to get a show TV about it. That way I could get them to start off studying the background of Integral Life Practice and make the ideas popular for more people to follow while highlighting the need to practice and apply the ideas to fully grasp them.

In order to show the benefits of Sangha and the effects that community has with the lower quadrants, I could have a "Reality TV Show" with a group of actors called "Can you become Wiser than a Guru?" They could go and take classes in Integral Transformative Practice at Esalen Institute in Big Sur and I could record their progress to show how much the lessons they practice affect their stages of development and give prizes for the amounts they all grow in levels, lines and states of consciousness. That follows the My Fair Lady" theme of the film as well to show the progress in growth.

Instead of having them compete against each other, I could have incentives to cooperate with group benefiting as each member makes progress like prizes for the all of them as the individual grows and prizes for the most growth for the group overall. That gives more of a drama on the positive side of accomplishing goal with teamwork and sharing with a community that uses the different talents of it's people to achieve their tasks to find their path.

As part of the practices, the contestants could have yoga and surfing classes to teach the lessons of balance, harmony with nature and connecting with the rhythms of life. That could teach them the lessons of being able to maintain that unstable state as more than just a "peak experience" and expand it into a "plateau experience" that can be extended longer than the ride of a wave.

"Or, perhaps the answer is only with them when they're riding -- balanced upon the waves. Like electricity through copper wire. Disconnected from the source of power, the copper has no memory of the current. But, atop the perfect wave, the surfer connects the circuit, perfectly balanced with nature, with God, with creation, the wind, the sea, even the fish. Solid state technology. Feet to board, board to waves, a flawless connection. A strong current, uncountable volts, ungaugeable amperage. Bliss, peace, nirvana, rushes through the surfer like a melody through the holes of a flute, along the frets of a guitar, upon the vocal chords in the larynx. But is gone when the vibrations stop. On the shore, the surfer is left with no verbal or written way to explain the happening, the event. He or she struggles hopelessly inventing words like, gnarly, tubular

They've obtained nirvana, but it isn't a stable state. In fact it is the exact nature of nirvana to be unstable. Nirvana is the nonexistent border between two other stable modes. It doesn't exist while you're standing in either of the modes, you have to have one foot in each. Nirvana isn't flying, it isn't the clouds, it isn't the plane, it's the turbulence. It's the yellow circle of the traffic light. Only, you have to remove it from the signal. Then let speeding traffic decide when the green will turn to red -- that's nirvana. It's not stable by nature. Achieving nirvana MEANS a skilled flirt with disaster. Surfers know that. Surfers know true enlightenment."