Friday, May 26, 2006

Octaves of Energy

I got a DVD for my Birthday of the Dune mini-series they had on the Sci-Fi channel and it had some extra features on it and in one of them the director was talking about the color wheel and how he used different colors and the 4 elements to tell the story of Paul's evolution into a messiah. He went into the part about different wavelegnths and frequencies and it reminded me about the Octaves of Engery that Tesla, Fuller and Leary wrote about.

I was suprised how well that fit in with what I was going to how Chris discuss with Minerva while they were in the car driving to the temple and how he used the chakras as a template to determine the frequencies of the octaves to bring her to him and how that related to them being soulmates.

I had a chance to soak in a jacuzzi on my Birthday and it reminded me of the times I used to use the hot tub at the Kiva Retreat. It should help Minerva relax and focus on contacting Odin.

Maybe part of what will make Minerva resent Chris besides losing her powers is that most of her experience with men is from heroes using her as a sex object. It'll probably take a while for her to discover that Chris isn't like that and the romance he shows her at the amusement park will go a long way towards changing her mind about him.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Decision points

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When I came up with the idea of using an animated comic in Flash to do a storygame it was a compromise between the kind of comic I did in The Writer's Nighmare Comic
and an animated movie. I wanted to get past the static view I was forced to used in the comic with the speech balloons covering up the parts of the images and the limited number of angles I was able to use that only showed part of the scene. So I figured that animating it to show more of the scene and the action going on was better than a static comic and the speech balloon would only show briefly on the image while fadin in and out. With the limits on how much I could render and lip synching being out of reach given the limits of my system, the comic style was at least a bridge between since it allowed the short sequences of animation I could do to be put together with the speech balloons to tie it together.

I have been thinking should I end chapter 4 when Minerva finishes her audience with Odin? That's as much of the animation that I have, but I could either write more text than animation or continue the animation into the Chris taking her to the Boardwalk. I guess it depends on where I want to pu the decision points. It would probably be easier to go to the beach this time instead of maybe having to resort to the methods I had to use in the 3rd chapter. It does go with the growth I wanted to have Minerva to experience when she hasn't had the kind of romantic situations that can happen on a date in an amusement park, so it would widen her knowledge and give them the bonding that they need.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Angelic Innocence

Minerva was able to handle herself in a strange place like at Lady Blue's Palace because she had the protection of her Angelic Influence and ability to escape anything with the flight of her wings, but having to deal with an even more unfamiliar situation that she wasn't told anything about or prepared for without her wings or halo would make her feel that much more vulnerable and confused. It's no wonder that she would be mad at Chris, and he's going to have to deal with that 1st before they can get down to the business of trying to contact Odin.

Minerva might want to curl up into a ball and not face the loss of her wings but Chris will get her to keep trying to do what's in her best interest. Chris will grow and attone for his only thinking of himself and Minerva will grow to be more independent on more than just her angelic influence.

I'm trying to draw on my experiences over the last few years and trying to capture some qualities that will help flesh out Minerva's character even if the kind of personalities are different then adapt it to the angelic innocence Minerva has. Maybe I should point out some of the miracles on this plane like babies being born, the ability to appreciate beauty in all it's forms, etc and contrast them to Minerva's angelic influence so that she can reconnect with her powers.