Thursday, March 13, 2008

Things seem to be looking up

The lessons I learned in Art 39: The Business of Graphic Design class from all the compaines that we visited was about networking since they told the same stories about how they got their start by getting clients from people they knew and connections to others they told that would hire them.

Dan always told the story of the guy he worked with and Kinko's then after a few years, he got a job with AOL so he gave Dan a lot of work in his graphic design business. I wasn't sure how I could make that apply to me except to make sure I cultivated some connections to the amount of people I knew and kept in contact with. It seems that it might be finally paying off since a DJ that I met in OuterWorlds is shelling out $300 for me to do some motion graphics and animation for his business presentation.

The nice part about it is that I already got half up front in my PayPal account. That is some evidence to disprove the lion tamer theory and lends weight to the idea that I do have enough talent for graphic design, I just needed the right opportunity.

There is a whole lot of potential in Musicians Playground 3D
to get more exposure for Independent Artists and sidestep the established record labels. I've seen about 15 bands that I'd never heard of since I've been there that were pretty good. It's a huge market to be tapped and if he gets the $6 million in financing that he's asking for in this business presentation, it's a great opportunity to get on the expanded staff to be doing graphic work full time.

Even if he doesn't get the financing and this is the only job he can afford it still gets me a lot farther since I finally have something solid for my portfolio, a job history more recent than 10 years ago and a good reference from someone that can actually confirm my experience doing graphic design that I can show to other employers that might hire me so that they can take me more seriously than they would before.

Part of the deal for the motion graphics is that he also wants me to make a pod for Current TV about indie music and MP3D's role in getting more exposure for artists. It would be a chance to get the story out about new ways for artist to reach audiences through streaming video and virtual reality to build support for the bands and get their CD's sold directly.

I found this example of a indie music pod and I think I could make one just as good. I'm going to has to come up with a script to send and get them to shoot the footage. The best location seems to be at Doc's Place in Florida since they seem to shoot concerts there a lot. I'd need someone on camera to narrate the story, hopefully I can get Ivy to do it from the script then I could edit it together when they send it back to me. By getting it put on Current TV myself, I get paid for producing it and for uploading it, plus I get more credibility from Current as a video producer.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

An addition to a legacy in any case

At least the DVD of The Writer's Nightmare is something to add to my portfolio and something that I could be remembered for. MarsDarinder did tell me again today he was going to buy one from CreateSpace so hopefully that's at least one

We'll see if having it distributed on Amazon's web site will increase sales with a wider distribution network

Although the packaging of the DVD did seem to impress Dan, so maybe it would be enough to interest agents or movie studios as a storyboard. I could include it in with the screenplay to give them a better idea of what the story is about. The downside is that would be a fairly substantial investment to get that many copies to send out with guarantee it would help get any notice for it at all.

I figured it would help to be able to put the video I did for the Colbert Campaign to go with the T-shirts, buttons and signs on here to be able to post the link other places.