Monday, July 23, 2007

At least it would make a good pre-visualization

If I was able to get someone in a position to make a movie about the "Writers Nightmare" at least I could use the animated comic as a better method to get the ideas across than just a text screenplay. Even if an audience doesn't seem to be satisfied with them by themselves without a voice over, they could be useful as moving storyboards.

I guess it depends on who was willing to produce the movie. If Square Enix was doing it then it could be done all as CGI, if Lucas Film was doing it, it would probably be better to do it as a mix of live action and CGI.

Another thing they might be useful for is to put with the Comic Book on a CD to sell at Cafe Press.

It's a shame I don't have access to enough voice actors to be able to do it with a voice over. Dawn Cody hasn't come through on her offer. Everytime I ask her if she's recorded any of the dialogue she tells me she'll do it in a few weeks, then a month goes by and I ask her again and she says the same thing. It doesn't really look like she's going to follow through at this point so I'm stuck with the comic style chat balloons.

I've gotten more episodes of "The Writer's Nightmare" animated and uploaded than I have of "An Angel's Destiny" probably because the former was already written as a comic book and the latter I'm still stuck on the 4th Chapter.

It looks like I'm going to have to design a new web page for "Angel's Destiny" since I no longer have space on Aragorn's server, so I might as well design a web page that includes both that and "The Writer's Nightmare" so it's a more intergrated page to see them all

Hopefully the references to the Akashic records Eris and Pan won't go over a lot of people's heads

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kinda like Compound Interest

Seems like after you build up a foundation on Revver, the easier it is to make it grow. I've made twice as much in June as in all the months before since I have a base of videos now that I've added to. I was finally able to get Pink Floyd: The Wall DVD that we've been wanting with the money I earned last month.

Lots of great imagery in that movie and some classic symbols of neuroses and pyschoses. I also put another episode of "The Writer's Nightmare" on there since I found the model of the ship I had in Poser to be able to continue.

I added some foley sounds of a starship bridge and ships passing to help the sound track. The trouble seems to be that they have such a delay in processing the revenue. I have $100 pending and only $16.50 processed hopefully they'll get a move sinc there are only 10 days left in the month to be able to get a deposit in my PayPal account over $20

It seemed like when I uploaded the 2nd episode of "The Writer's Nightmare" that they took some notice and processed some so I uploaded one about the GameBots in Love to see if they would do some more, we'll see if that works again.