Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Come Together to help encourage World Peace

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I heard this story on the news about people organizing an event to help encourage World Peace. That they want everyone on the globe to have an orgasm on 12/22/06 and focus on World Peace during that moment. Introduction video
On the face of it, it sounds a bit silly like what beauty pagent contestants say to interview questions, but besides being an attention getter, it also has some deeper aspects to it.

1st thing is, that it's a win/win senario, even if it doesn't get a lasting peace, it will get attention directed away from tragedy and toward something more relaxing if only for a moment. The 2nd thing is that it helps with basic Pavlovian responces, it gives peace a positive reinforcement by associating it with a pleasurable experience. If you continue it then the more likely it is that it'll become a conditioned responce and develope into a habit. That habit would change the world if enough people did it.

I've heard a lot of people comment a lot of negative things about it, that it would result in a spike in the population, it contributes to AIDS and air pollution from the cigarettes smoked after and those are people along with the ones that are too wrapped up in the justifications for war that most need to relax and break the habit of focusing on the reasons why wars happen and get a different perspective.

SkyDancing Tantra

Apparently the naysayers haven't heard much about the rituals in Tantric Yoga since that's part of what they're designed for is focusing the energy in orgasms and channeling it into a change in consciousness. I found great video that Ken Wilber was in that explains some of the principles that make those rituals effective.

He talks a lot about transcendence in his work and in the moment of orgasm is when most people are most open to that. It shuts off your internal dialogue and clears the mind to be able to connect with the bliss essential to a change of perspective. I found a good example of that kind of ecstasy that can alter your perception in this Beautiful Agony video.

Notice how she starts off looking uncomfortable and then her expression at 5:14 is the blissful relaxed kind that is completely open to a change from the selfish ego to connection to a greater whole. It's that sense of oneness and being connected to something greater that will bring about global change toward peace.

It's sort of like what the Buddhist Monk said to the Pizza Guy, "Make me one with everything" and gave him a $20 bill, but he asked for his change, the Pizza Guy told him "Change must come from within" The same thing will probably have to happen with World Peace, only by seeking a peaceful attitude within ourselves will it be able to spread around the globe, if enough people can find that peace in themselves then it will become part of the world also.

That's why having enough people getting used to associating the bliss in orgasm with World Peace would be important. Since it's the people that don't have enough of the experiences to be able to connect with that peaceful state of mind. By doing something that feels good, it's a step in the right direction to change their minds into a more positive perspective. Once they get into the habit it would be easier to learn the rituals, focus and discipline necessary to reap the benefits of Tantric Yoga. But everyone has to start somewhere.
I figured that's a worthy cause to contribute positive energy for a brighter future so to help spread the message I made some T-shirts, Thongs, Hats and Boxer shorts for people to use that would remind them of what they could accomplish. Also a video animation to illustrate some of the points discussed

Having people take time off to have an orgasm would at the very least distract them from doing any more damage if only for a breif period. But if enough people have that focus especially on the Winter Solstice that would help to generate more positive engery for change.

Monday, November 20, 2006

All things in Proportion

Moogirl said in her comment "And see if you can put some BIG boobs on your angels! lol " which was funny since one of my teachers that I showed the Flash web page of my "An Angel's Destiny" novel to said pretty much the same thing.

An Angel's Destiny

Then I explained that Minerva and the angels she worked with in the Elysium Paradise had the attributes they needed for their job. It makes a lot more sense if you read the story or follow with the animation on the web page. I showed him him some examples I did of some angels with different sized breasts. (But here are the big boobs on an angel you asked for)

This is too large for her rib cage and throws off her balance
But this is too flat and ruins the lines of her dress.
That's why he agreed with me that something in the middle is needed with a sense of proportion that fits better on the model. I hope this clears it up for you.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Trying my hand at video content

I've been making a lot of videos lately mostly using Poser animation and Adobe Premiere since I've been trying to get some stuff on Current TV.
I did a commercial for Loreal Shampoo that I thought was pretty goodI figured that angels would be a good symbol of beautiful hair to advertise Loreal Shampoo. I'm also working on a commercial for T-Mobile Phones that has Vicky, Aiko, EmotiGirl and the Freak showing that they need to stick together in the My Favs service plan..

I haven't been able to get the level of participation needed to get it on TV Hopefully I'll be better known and be able to get more votes the next time.

This video was too important not to do since time is running out on being able to save the planet and I still need people to contribute to be able to gather enough resources to stave of certain disaster.

I did this one to show more creativity that can balance out negativity.

The Jackie Wilson song does give it a different meaning and depth as well

I finally finished that PSA let's hope that it helps since the flow of hate is still going. LucyInLA seems to have recovered from the flood and coping better with it, but the anger hasn't stopped and the danger of potential stalkers is still there.

I'm hoping to get more exposure with these but it's an uphill struggle, I guess I have to figure out better marketing strategies but I haven't found any that work yet.