Sunday, April 29, 2007

Drawing from a Deeper Pool

I was considering more about priorities and what I should be putting more effort into when I read something in Ken Wilber's blog about his theory of Integral Politics that I might consider putting those principles together in my work. I could put the AQAL model more directly in the Naked Angel Flash Presentation as a framework to fit the rest of my ideas around to put them in the 4 quadrants.

Or I could do as Ken Wilber was doing in those sample chapters, put them in a fiction framework to make the principles easier to understand and more entertaining to assimilate by using the concepts in my book "An Angel's Destiny." It would probably be be easier to put it in the book since it was already heading that way, I just have to expand some of the plot and scenes to adapted to a wider scope.

One of the ideas I should go into is what he writes "The setting is a press conference being given by Integral Center who are reporting the results of a computer futures scenario, a scenario that, using the AQAL Code has found that around 30 years from now there will occur a tetra-Singularity of staggering proportions. Think of it like the Technological singularity described by Ray Kurzweil--except that his Singularity only refers to the Right-Hand quadrants, not the interior or Left-Hand quadrants, where, the AQAL Code predicts, we will finally have over 10% of the population reaching truly Integral (or ‘second-tier') levels-hence, a Singularity-like occurrence in all four quadrants." That would certainly help the plot if Minerva was helping to prepare Chris for that and guiding him in the direction towards the events that made up the Tipping Point which would made the Singularity happen in a positive fashion

That is the point Ken Wilber makes when he asks "What good is a Singularity if a dictator controls the technology, or even a malicious AI like in the Matrix?" That's why an Integral Politics is needed since having access to new resources and techniques is no benefit if they aren't distributed to those who need them and only used to oppress. What good does having a Manifest Destiny to spread the species if all it's going to do is use it to exploit those it comes in contact with and those who form the colonies?

He goes into the idea that a Prime Directive is needed since each stage of developement should be respected at each station in life but you should only govern from the highest stage. because each of those stages and stations has an interior and a exterior that represents "I the individual" or "We the people"

Ken Wilber brings up the idea that sounded a lot like what Oracle proposed to solve the problem the Architect had with the Matrix when he told Neo "She stumbled upon a solution whereby nearly ninety-nine percent of the test subjects accepted the program provided they were given a choice - even if they were only aware of it at a near-unconscious level." he proposed something very similar that in order to get around the dilemma of the individuals rights being overshadowed in societies rights that if they are participating in the political process that they will accept giving up some individual rights for the good of society. So it can't be just an elite at the highest stage of developement, all others in the community have to have at a voice in the process for it to work.

The job that Minerva has is to guide people through those stages of developement so they can make the choices that would benefit both themselves and society. So I could put more situations where she could do that after she gets her wings back to affect a wider scope of people than just Chris with the choices he makes. Maybe she can guide him into having a voice in getting members or collecting resources for the Trialectic Parliment to govern World Affairs that Ken Wilber proposed. Or maybe Minerva can help them both with some Integral Life Practice that would benefit Chris as much as they would her.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Trusting the dots

Even though I've been getting more exposure for my last few videos by using that Most Responded trick to get them viewed more. I'm not sure what purpose it's serving.

At least Dennis liked my PSA and said it was one of the best videos I've done.

But I doubt it's going to get that Mother's day video into the Revver Head of the Class.

I've supposedly made $34 from Revver so far, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to get a check from them or if I'll have to fight about using PayPal or not. I did do a good first episode of The Writer's Nightmare on there

But after the reception An Angel's Destiny got I'm not sure if anyone will pay attention to it favorably. I haven't been able to get much work done on my porfolio and with all the struggle I've had to get designs approved on the doors, banners and web pages, I'm wondering how much it will be worth the to get my portfolio updated.

Back in August I posted about that speech that Steve Jobs gave was considering a new direction. Now I'm wondering what my priorities should be and what I should devote more of my time to. Should I be trust that the dots will connect in the future if I put enough effort into my porfolio to bring about more opportunities to afford more to make life better?

Or should I be focusing more on doing what I love and trust that the future will work out flowing from that love? There are a few choices especially since I have the chance to choose to let my disability take care of the bills and devote more time to The Naked Angel Presentation so I can try to put the framework to communicate more important far ranging spiritual subjects in a practical way. Instead of just bending to someone elses idea of what is going to sell and be acceptable to clients.

The downside to that is that there is a time limit on how long the trailer is going to last and how stable the living situation is where I seem to need to have a routine to get out and about of a regular basis for health reasons. I'm not sure how I'm going to advance that if I'm staying at home working on the Flash project for the Naked Angel. I could try it for the summer and see how much progress I can make on it and if I love it to continue to make it a priority.

Or should I put more effort into finishing manuscript for An Angel's Destiny? Getting an agent and a publisher would help to afford to improve our living situation and that survey of job satisfaction ranked authors near the top of the list. But it still has that downside of a regular schedule and I also could try it for the summer and see how much I love it to finish it.

The 3 things Steve Jobs talks about in his speech trust that the dots will connect, do what you love and don't settle. The portfolio doesn't pass the last 2 since it's not what I love and it's settling for traditional dogma, but it might help the dots to connect later on. The Naked Angel might connect the dots it's hard to tell, it's what I love and it's what I would want to leave as a legacy if I did die the day after I finished it. But that also applies to An Angel's Destiny with better odds that the dots will connect than the Naked Angel, so with that in mind maybe I should make that my priority.

Monday, April 23, 2007

It's truly a shame they couldn't fullfil the considerable promise

And the significant potential that Acceptable TV represented when it was introduced. But I guess that's Hollywood for you. I'm sure that Dan Harmon and the others that got this show on the air had to make a whole lot of compromises with producers at VH1, some of which I think they used for the idea for Law & Order: Production Unit

At least they got some use out of the struggle to make a good sketch from it. I was listening to Kevin Smith saying how hard it was for him to get a TV show on the air, much harder than movies since when you do a movie, after the script and the budget for the film is approved they let you go do it a lot more. On a TV show they give you a lot more day-to-day interference about it.

So I guess it's no wonder that a lot of the things they had planned for Acceptable TV didn't pan out especially on the web site. It hasn't seemed to effect the show much since they haven't paid much attention to the trolls and mostly have only let their Channel 101 clique get videos on the show.

I don't blame them for that since what I was hoping for that people would give feedback and support each on how to make the videos better so they could get on TV. But I guess that was too much to expect from all those that flooded with lowest common denominator and treated everyone else with derision. Jack Nicholson was right when he said "You can't handle the Truth"

Apparently they can't handle the skills required for getting stuff broadcast on a TV network either, which is the sizable shame since it also bodes very badly for any form of direct democracy. As Morpheus said in the Matrix "You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it." the same is true of most of the status quo including the way TV shows are run. Even if they are encouraged to improve or insulted by how bad they are most would rather "...take the blue pill... and believe whatever you want to believe." since it's easier and more familiar

I would like to believe that it could get better but the evidence isn't there since the web site is flooded with nasty comments and flame wars that I could respond to in kind which was my first reaction but as Trinity said "you know that road, you know exactly where it ends. And I know that's not where you want to be." it gets way too tiring to be involved in them and never solves anything

Ken Wilber made an analogy to Wyatt Earp when he was in this exact situation with critics and said "It’s made worse by the fact that if you are perceived, rightly or wrongly, as being the leading figure in a field—as its Wyatt Earp—then every punk with a pistol comes gun-slinging for your ass." and ever since that interview (which at first I was flattered by, but after seeing who they interviewed next, I don't think it was an honor) put me at the top of the profiles it seem to make me a target for it.

I don't think that his solution of challenging the members to rise above the petty ego would work or to have them follow any of the Road Rules he suggested for the Integral Institute web site since their are a lot other factors at work at Acceptable TV. It's not just a case of the choice the Oracle gave "You just have to make up you on damned mind to either accept what I'm going to tell you, or reject it." because even if all the members did straighten out and began to work together, I doubt they would let the worst videos be deleted. It doesn't take a conspiracy theory to know that since if you take Deep Throat's advice and "Follow the Money"

you can find enough evidence to prove that they have a vested interest in keeping the traffic from them. They are helping Revver since the ads from them are on all the Revver videos not just the ones for Acceptable TV so Revver is using the revenue generated by them which benefits both VH1 and Amp'd Mobile by getting the ads seen by more people. More traffic and more ads seen by more people is more profit for them because it gets the show and their products seen more. It's very simplistic to say that Amp'd Mobile isn't benefiting from having Acceptable TV ads on all Revver videos and that VH1 doesn't get more viewers or ad revenues from it.

It might've been their intention to pay the members for their vides at first, but I don't think they've figured out how to do it with the way that Revver set it up, they're getting all the revenue from it. I don't know if Acceptable TV has access to those accounts but that certainly could be one reason why they can't delete them easily and one reason why Revver wants to keep them around. Sending the email to support@acceptabletv sure hasn't done anything since the revised versions of Conjoiners, Speed Demons are still there and Chapter 1 hasn't been deleted when it was replaced by Episode 1 so that's enough evidence that either Acceptable TV doesn't want to delete them or Revver won't let them.

I can hope that things will get better at Acceptable but I don't really expect any change in the status quo since there isn't enough economic incentive for the producers. It works fine as it is to ignore the drama on the site since they've had a lot of practice. The message boards on the VH1 site are a whole lot worse

I'll believe it only when there is enough evidence to support it as it stands there isn't much besides more are following the time limit, but the larger percentage are still just as bad.

It's good to be at the top since the show goes on regardless, it's only the unknown masses trying to get their 15 mins that get ignored, rightly or wrongly so, since whatever promises were made by the premise of the show the vast majority of the members have proved they aren't ready handle the challenge so it's better that producers do the show without them.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Acceptable Forms

I've been wondering if all they're looking for is sketches and short episode or if they want to branch out into something more ambitious for the show since they have a chance to do something groundbreaking.

I got this comment that seems to feel different.
"How come? 'An Angel's Destiny' is not a series of 2:30 shows. They are 2:30 segments of a larger product, and no amount of editing will change that. That is not me trying to impose my opinion about them, just that because of it, they don't pass the rules"

I've been looking through the rules and I can't find anything that says that, the only thing it does say is
We're looking for things that feel like a TV show and that doesn't always mean just sketches. There are also other forms of TV shows like what is known as the Miniseries with Roots being a famous example

They had the advantage of being able to tell a story with a much wider scope. Than just a series of
Episode since after a few seasons the writing eventually gets stale and they start
Jumping the shark it happened in Knight Rider

It happened in Quantum Leap after a while

It even happened as far back as when The Fugitive was on the air because of the nature of having to structure the writing of episodes.

In the tutorial about
story structure it also says
"Remember creating Acceptable TV involves striking that delicate balance between giving the audience what it wants and giving it what it doesn't know it wants yet""
so why should they be locked into only sketches and short episodes?

You would think that going through the 8 steps they outlined

1. Something

2. Need

3. Go

4. Search

5. Find

6. Take

7. Back To

8. Where it was

of the basic
Hero's journey myth in only 2:30 wouldn't leave much room for any character developement necessary for it unless they had multiple episodes to explore it.

Granted it has to catch the attention at the 1st go or it won't be voted back, but that doesn't mean it can't tell a larger story, just that the characters that are introduced in the 1st part have to be interesting enough and the situation that is presented has to be engaging enough to want to see more. For example Isoceles and Esperanza I loved the characters and the initial plot.

But it was just as much a segment as what
AcceptableVids said An Angel's Destiny was.

It was a full episode in the version on
YouTube but that was twice as long so the one here was only a seqment of that

I'm not sure how he rationalized his interpretation of the rules to include that one, but it certainly looks like bias to me. Most likely the result of being in that clique

I think it would be better to expand that interpretation to get better videos for the shows instead of only the sketches they've been used to and that would improve the quality of the show.