Saturday, December 09, 2006

NASA to take the next step

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I was reading this news story NASA plans permanent outpost on moon by 2024 they are a bit late for finding the monolith in 2001 or the new sun at Jupiter for 2010. I've been waiting for them to have a base on the moon for 30 years. Maybe what has been holding them up is all the politics and we weren't culturally ready then. NASA - Why The Moon?

But it is a next stage in evolution since the human race must leave the womb of the earth sometime. As Robert Heinlein pointed out "The Earth is too fragile a basket to hold all of our eggs in" Just like the people that 1st sailed the oceans and settled in distant lands their is also a need to spread the the race across the stars. On the other hand are we mature enough to be able to refrain from the mistakes that were made during the colonization of the distant shores of the Earth? Hopefully we have made progress and can live up to the Plaque that was left at the site of the Moon Landing. There are a lot of other factors that would tend reinforce cooperation, one of them being any failure of the enviroment would have instant catastrophic effects on everyone so there could be no wasting of the resources.

I'm sure when NASA left that Plaque they didn't envision what other uses the phrase "We Came in Peace for all Mankind" could be put to use. But if you consider the possibilities this event could be the begining of as much a historic event as the Moon Landing if enough people participate and produce a Tipping Point that leads to the kind of Transformation that Ken Wilber talks about in Integral Politics

If we had that when we went out into the stars it would help the race succeed enormously. A lot of it depends on the amount and discipline of the people involved. A fairly large percentage of the global population would have a greater probability of producing an effect since it would contribute to generating a Tipping Point especially among the Mavens and Connectors to help it spread. Orgasms have always had the "stickiness" needed to produce the tipping point.

That's the trouble, since as a lot of people have said orgasms are going on all the time and no effect has happened. That leaves the part out about the correct focus to produce positive energy. The relaxed state of mind is there, the openess might last for a fraction of a second but then the internal dialogue starts up again and the bliss is lost with any chance of channeling any energy towards peace. That's why some knowledge and discipline is helpful to achieve any results.

While it's true that in some parts of the world like Tibet, India, Japan and China that have had a lot of the practice and discipline to produce and channel the energy needed, the problem is that it's such a small percentage of the global population that has been growing a lot faster than the energy produced could compensate for. That's why it would take a lot higher amount people and a larger percentage to push the idea past the tipping point to embrace transformation.

Getting that many people to focus on any one thing at a time is the hard work since the ones that most need it won't have the discipline or won't even believe that it's possible. Ken Wilber goes into some examples of this when he talks about Deep Science and it's relationship to spirituality. Unless you follow the steps necessary to aquire the skills then you aren't going to get the experiences or the evidence to be able to prove that it works.

If you don't learn how to use a microscope and actually look through it to observe the behaivor of cells then you're not going to be able to get the experiences or the evidence to understand how cells work. Getting enough people to associate a pleasurable experience like orgasms with something positive like World Peace is a step in the right direction, especially if they do it enough to condition it into a habit through positive reinforcement. It might take a lot more than 1 day for the harder cases, but at least it's something and contributes to achieving the tipping point to a degree.

Spider Robinson wrote a lot about the kinds of evolutionary steps we can take once we start living in space in The Stardance Project and having a Global O is a good start to learning them. It's another step along the way to The Future And You.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Come Together to help encourage World Peace

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I heard this story on the news about people organizing an event to help encourage World Peace. That they want everyone on the globe to have an orgasm on 12/22/06 and focus on World Peace during that moment. Introduction video
On the face of it, it sounds a bit silly like what beauty pagent contestants say to interview questions, but besides being an attention getter, it also has some deeper aspects to it.

1st thing is, that it's a win/win senario, even if it doesn't get a lasting peace, it will get attention directed away from tragedy and toward something more relaxing if only for a moment. The 2nd thing is that it helps with basic Pavlovian responces, it gives peace a positive reinforcement by associating it with a pleasurable experience. If you continue it then the more likely it is that it'll become a conditioned responce and develope into a habit. That habit would change the world if enough people did it.

I've heard a lot of people comment a lot of negative things about it, that it would result in a spike in the population, it contributes to AIDS and air pollution from the cigarettes smoked after and those are people along with the ones that are too wrapped up in the justifications for war that most need to relax and break the habit of focusing on the reasons why wars happen and get a different perspective.

SkyDancing Tantra

Apparently the naysayers haven't heard much about the rituals in Tantric Yoga since that's part of what they're designed for is focusing the energy in orgasms and channeling it into a change in consciousness. I found great video that Ken Wilber was in that explains some of the principles that make those rituals effective.

He talks a lot about transcendence in his work and in the moment of orgasm is when most people are most open to that. It shuts off your internal dialogue and clears the mind to be able to connect with the bliss essential to a change of perspective. I found a good example of that kind of ecstasy that can alter your perception in this Beautiful Agony video.

Notice how she starts off looking uncomfortable and then her expression at 5:14 is the blissful relaxed kind that is completely open to a change from the selfish ego to connection to a greater whole. It's that sense of oneness and being connected to something greater that will bring about global change toward peace.

It's sort of like what the Buddhist Monk said to the Pizza Guy, "Make me one with everything" and gave him a $20 bill, but he asked for his change, the Pizza Guy told him "Change must come from within" The same thing will probably have to happen with World Peace, only by seeking a peaceful attitude within ourselves will it be able to spread around the globe, if enough people can find that peace in themselves then it will become part of the world also.

That's why having enough people getting used to associating the bliss in orgasm with World Peace would be important. Since it's the people that don't have enough of the experiences to be able to connect with that peaceful state of mind. By doing something that feels good, it's a step in the right direction to change their minds into a more positive perspective. Once they get into the habit it would be easier to learn the rituals, focus and discipline necessary to reap the benefits of Tantric Yoga. But everyone has to start somewhere.
I figured that's a worthy cause to contribute positive energy for a brighter future so to help spread the message I made some T-shirts, Thongs, Hats and Boxer shorts for people to use that would remind them of what they could accomplish. Also a video animation to illustrate some of the points discussed

Having people take time off to have an orgasm would at the very least distract them from doing any more damage if only for a breif period. But if enough people have that focus especially on the Winter Solstice that would help to generate more positive engery for change.

Monday, November 20, 2006

All things in Proportion

Moogirl said in her comment "And see if you can put some BIG boobs on your angels! lol " which was funny since one of my teachers that I showed the Flash web page of my "An Angel's Destiny" novel to said pretty much the same thing.

An Angel's Destiny

Then I explained that Minerva and the angels she worked with in the Elysium Paradise had the attributes they needed for their job. It makes a lot more sense if you read the story or follow with the animation on the web page. I showed him him some examples I did of some angels with different sized breasts. (But here are the big boobs on an angel you asked for)

This is too large for her rib cage and throws off her balance
But this is too flat and ruins the lines of her dress.
That's why he agreed with me that something in the middle is needed with a sense of proportion that fits better on the model. I hope this clears it up for you.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Trying my hand at video content

I've been making a lot of videos lately mostly using Poser animation and Adobe Premiere since I've been trying to get some stuff on Current TV.
I did a commercial for Loreal Shampoo that I thought was pretty goodI figured that angels would be a good symbol of beautiful hair to advertise Loreal Shampoo. I'm also working on a commercial for T-Mobile Phones that has Vicky, Aiko, EmotiGirl and the Freak showing that they need to stick together in the My Favs service plan..

I haven't been able to get the level of participation needed to get it on TV Hopefully I'll be better known and be able to get more votes the next time.

This video was too important not to do since time is running out on being able to save the planet and I still need people to contribute to be able to gather enough resources to stave of certain disaster.

I did this one to show more creativity that can balance out negativity.

The Jackie Wilson song does give it a different meaning and depth as well

I finally finished that PSA let's hope that it helps since the flow of hate is still going. LucyInLA seems to have recovered from the flood and coping better with it, but the anger hasn't stopped and the danger of potential stalkers is still there.

I'm hoping to get more exposure with these but it's an uphill struggle, I guess I have to figure out better marketing strategies but I haven't found any that work yet.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sowing the seeds of love to offset the anger

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The level of static flooding YouTube lately has really gotten to dangerous levels and there needs to be something to balance it like in that Tears for Fears song "Sowing the Seeds of Love"

It would be better to do something before something happens to someone on YouTube like what happened to Rebecca Schaeffer when she was shot by a stalker just because he was obsessed by seeing her on the TV show "My Sister Sam"

Some the people commenting on LucyInLA videos have been getting downright scary in invading her privacy and tracking down her resume, phone numbers and harrassing her. For some reason they think they can hide behind screen names and be safe to take pot shots at her while they expect her to expose every detail of her life to danger and don't even realize the hypocrisy of that.

She and Kerim did stand a stand and as they put it "Set the record straight Why hate when you can create." by making 2 videos that explained their intentions and expressed their frustration with the haters She was certainly right to call them freaks and psychos from all the nasty things they've been cowardly posting

The sad thing is that no matter where you go an online community, virtual reality or just down the street to a bar, wherever people gather they bring their emotional baggage with them. If they have issues or problems they are going to take them out on those they interact with. A lot of times they don't see those online as being people with feelings that deserve respect just as much as they do even if they aren't in different avatars like in Virtual Reality. But I doubt they would show people they see in person any respect either since they are probably to selfish to think of others as deserving equal treatment or manners.

They seem to have all these false expectations of Lucy that they wouldn't have of themselves and somehow they think it's alright to put her under a microscope just because she's trying to become an actress that they wouldn't survive under either. That "can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen" attitude disappears very fast when the same standard is applied equally to them. The trouble is that even the big stars in Hollywood don't deserve the abuse that the paparazzi give them but they have a lot more resources to pay PR people handle the tabloids, assistants to deal with their mail and lawyers to deal with threats than Lucy does before she gets her big break.

It might be that they are jealous of the quality they can produce and think that only big production companies can do that but that's just sour grapes and excuses for them not to try to improve. He was right that a lot of it was film 101 and stuff I've been doing myself, although I really should ask him about the resolution and compression probs I've been having with mine.

A very big deal has been made about conspiracy theories and all the cynics and critics want to grab some attention by "exposing the fraud" of the next person on YouTube like they were Woodward and Bernstein breaking the Watergate story. Maybe they think they'll get more acclaim if they do or it fits their paranoid fantasies and delusions of grandeur. They love to fit any circumstantial evidence to their pet theory when it can have a lot of other explanations and they never even heard of Occam's Razor much less use it.

I did think of a conspiracy theory that explains the motives of the haters that has just as much evidence as they have against Lucy. What if the MPAA was feeling threatened of too many indenpendent people producing video of quality and they were afraid their profits were in jeopardy from losing the stranglehold on distribution that they've had in the studio system? Just like the RIAA has fought agaisn't P2P sharing of MP3, the MPAA is going after the most popular on YouTube by planting LonelyGirl15 to turn the people against the independents and setting the haters to flood the place with anger and hate to turn them off of watching. If the cynics have to believe in a conspiracy that one is better than some of the ones I've heard especially that lame contest idea.

I thought they made some very good points especially about doing something constructive instead of just being negative and complaining. Kerim did inspire me with that challenge to do something better and creative and being passionate about a cause. That's why it struck me that it would be a good idea to make some T-shirt designs with that idea, but I shortened it to "Why Hate? Just Create" to make it easeir to fit.

That idea does apply to a lot more than just Lucy, it covers everyone that posts on YouTube since they can hate on everyone they don't like for example. I've also seen some very creative stuff from someone called Happy Slip and if the tide of anger and hate isn't stemmed they'll probably start in on her when she gets more popular.

But I do think that there is something that the creative people can do to balance out the hate and offset the anger by rallying together around a common theme. I've been getting some positive response from commenting on others profiles that show support for Lucy and telling them about the T-shirts with the "Why Hate? Just Create!" slogan to wear in their next video and that will show the cynics and the critics that actually doing something to contribute is a lot better than just sitting back complaining about how fake it is.

If enough people do it then, the slogan could become as popular as the "Fair is Fair" one did in that movie The Legend of Billie Jean It's certainly something people could get passionate about creating is a lot better than the alternative. I figure it would be a good project for a Public Service Annoucement and since I need one for next assigment in my video editing class at Butte College I could one about the whole "Why Hate? Just Create!" concept, how it applies and the solutions.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Hopefully Clarifying things

I got that video of the animated storyboard for my story idea to submit to the Colbert Report to show LucyInLA so she can see the way it could be composited together with the footage that she would shoot.

I'm hoping it'll make it easier to see how the whole idea goes together and she decides to use it, since I think that it'll show off skills to get a wider exposure on TV but I'm betting Steven Colbert will also want to interview Lucy to clear up all the controversy she's had to go through. It's a shame that some people can only put others down for trying to be creative and just clamor for attention any way they can even if it's expressed negatively

I've already got the raw footage of Steven Colbert using a light saber for the challenge.

And I've adapated the plot of the Tek Jansen adventure to include Lucy in the next episode so it'll look like a sequel to it.

Next I'll need the video from Lucy with her footage that I can add with the 3D CGI backgrounds and monsters I do in Poser then I can put it all together in Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Signal to Noise ratio very high

Unfortunately the amount of stuff you have to wade through to get to anything significant on the Net is considerable. Freedom of expression is a wonderful thing but the flip side of that is that "Opinions are like assholes, every has one and most of them are crap"

LucyInLA takes a good idea and runs with it, but then like usual forums, everyone has to add their 2 cents even if it's off topic or inane. It's good that they have a place to do that, but makes it harder to strain out all the chaff to get to the wheat so to speak. I figure that's probably 1 reason why it's taking her so long to get to reading all the stuff submitted for the story she's going to act out. I bet my script idea got lost in all the stuff she had to wade through.

I did see 1 video response with a great idea for a story and a great way of presenting it from someone called Jaci75 that I think I'm going to do something like it

An animated storyboard video would get the idea across a lot better than just text in a screenplay format, you'd get the gist and the range more fully that way. I did some video captures, of Lucy, Steven Colbert and Tek Jansen that I can put together with some 3D rendered backrounds to show how it all composites together since it might not be obvious from the screenplay. It probably would help in getting it more noticed from all the other waste of space there also.

In todays climate it's no wonder people are cynical, but some can take it to an outrageous extreme. You would think they never heard of Occam's Razor and invent "conspiracies" with explanations to support that are a lot more complicated than they have to be to fit the evidence. One such is from someone named jeffdotson and claiming that LucyInLA is a fake and backed up by an indie film company, the motives for doing this are a lot more vague than just a girl trying to get a break in Hollywood.

But with the arcane points he tries to make in nitpicking various details in her videos can have a lot simpler explanations than what fit his theories. I guess the only excersize some people get is from jumping to conclusions as they sit in Denial with the great view of the pyramids.

LucyInLA's latest video is a lot harder to fit their distorted view since, if it was a fake then they would have to hire at least 50 extras to play the tourists on the street, rent a wharehouse in Prague like they did in Alien Vs. Predator and make it up to look like a Hollywood Blvd. Isn't it a lot easier to accept it was shot in LA than make those assumptions?

I did see an article about YouTube soap operas that was interesting, since it was about how people interact in the comments and make videos to respond to other videos

Bambi Francisco: YouTube soaps

I suppose you could look at it like that if you were only considering YouTube by itself, but if you consider the wider effects then you could also think of if LucyInLA uses YouTube to build a large fan base and enough popular interest then she could bypass the regular agents and studio system to get backers to invest in a movie for her to star in without having to go through the stuff as usual

At this point, getting your name out there and some exposure of your skills is a lot more important than worrying about copyrights and getting paid. I'm not worried about that as much as some shortsighted people since I'd gladly exchange my rights to a story as long as I get credit for it whenever it is mentioned. I don't have to worry about using stuff from Steven Colbert since there is a liscence included in the site when you upload it and it deals with all the rights in the video when you submit it.

With all the controversy and stuff written about Lucy lately I would think that if I got something entered for that green screen challenge from the Colbert Report that Steven could do more than just show the video on his show, he might even want to interview Lucy to ask her about all the stuff going on behind it. It would be a great way for her to silence the critics and get the truth out there.

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Wave of the Future

It seems like when most of the Hollywood studios are caught up in doing remakes of older movies or TV series, because they have a safer proven track record that the accountants can do projections on. The more creative things are coming out of the independents and single people that have access to the home video cameras and basic editing software.

I found this on YouTube and it sounded like a great idea for actresses just starting out to collaborate with writers to get their scenes acted out for them. If you could get them to do that in front of green screens then it could be composited into larger projects and shared between other people across the Net to more talents and skills involved with it.

Since my wife wants to only be a voice actress, it would be better to combine her on the soundtrack for other characters the do sound effects and the ones who want to be on screen to do the live action sequences. They've done something similar at the fan site for Star Trek: Hidden Frontiers, since Paramount doesn't want to invest in more series, the fans have taken it into their hands and produced their own episodes.

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier - Boldly Going Where No Fan Film Has Gone Before

(Although I'd use Adobe After Effects instead of Final Cut Pro to get rid of that green line from the composite) But it makes the point of combining live action with other elements to get your creative vision expressed.

The Colbert Nation - Challenge

It would be funny to get Lucy to act out a scene to go with that green screen clip of Steven Colbert with a light saber. I bet it would be a great way to get some exposure on TV for it that's gotta help in getting a break. Another idea I had would be for her to act scenes for ads, promos and news stories for Current TV, since they seem to pay very well for submitted stuff and she looks extremely suited for anchor work.

Current TV // The TV Network Created By The People Who Watch It

As always these ideas have a lot of potential, but it takes a lot of effort to make them pan out. The point is that as Steve Jobs was saying it takes "connecting the dots" since I've aquired the skills to be able to do these kinds of things. One example is I already have a lot of plots for stories worked out so I have a wide range available to be acted out in all the coordinates I've filled in for the Universe Cube.

Lucy might also be good for the part of Cyan's friend she works with on the movie set in my story "Memoirs from Sideways In Time" I wonder if she can do a french accent too, but that's not essential to the character. It does open up a lot of possibilities though, if they can be capitalized on.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Considering a new direction

I was watching a video on YouTube about Steve Jobs speech to a college graduating class and it was very inspirational, it got me wondering if I should rethink my priorities and concentrate on other things I might make more progress on.

Since my story has been deleted off of City of If

City of IF : Forum Cleanup

and I've haven't been able to finish Chapter 4 since last March maybe I should concentrate on something else. My goal was to sell the CD with the animated comic and novel of "An Angel's Destiny" on Cafe Press, but is that going to do any good if I haven't been able to figure out how to market it 1st? It'll probably just sit there unoticed like everything else I have there unless I can figure out how to promote it to the right people.

In Art 39 class last week, Dan was saying that the publisher he uses was always looking for ideas for Design books and that he could help with the proposals and had templates for them. Maybe I should be focusing more on that since it's more practical than some of my other ideas.

What would be a good idea for a Design book though? Should I try and give techniques of how to make an animated cartoon in Flash like "An Angel's Destiny?" Should I find something else I love about design? Maybe I should do some more research on the kind of books that Dan's publisher does so I can come up with something more suited to what they do so I have a better chance of getting it accepted.

The problem with that speech was even though it was very inspirational and it had obviously worked for Steve Jobs, how would I apply those ideas to something practical to help me? He said "Do what you love" just like Dylan said that in Art 35, the trouble is, how do you arrange to get paid for doing what you love? I haven't been able to work that part out yet.

In that speech Steve talked about connecting the dots, that if he hadn't taken a calligraphy class in college then he wouldn't have recognized the need for that level of font types when they 1st developed the Mac. He couldn't see that need when he took the class but he could connect the dots after the fact when the Mac was done. His point was that you can't connect the dots looking forward but have to trust that they will join up in your future since that will give you the confidence to follow your heart even if you go against conventional wisdom.

There are some elements in that, that seem useful, but I suppose it depends on the kind of foundation you give yourself for the future. If you haven't given yourself enough skills to be able to handle what comes up, how are the connections going to be able to be made? It's a lot easier to connect the dots down the road to be successful if you're literate than if you didn't prepare 1st and never learned to read.

Although it does help to have faith and trust in something even if you don't know what it is at the time. When I had that dream about future worldlines and decided to move to Toronto. I couldn't connect the dots past a certain point and had amnesia at the recursive part. I think it was partially because of future choices obscuring the way the lines would connect. When I got to those choices, I did remember what those parts of the dream were, but that was 20/20 hindsight as Steve said connecting it backwards. If I hadn't had some faith and confidence in the course that dream showed I would've stayed stuck in the same rut and I doubt it would've worked out as well after.

The thing is what dots do you prepare to be connected down the road to achieve your goals? How do you know when you're just agitating the dots and not getting anywhere like in that Nextel Commercial?

Do you try to get the widest range of skills and experiences to make as many connections as possible, or more specific skills to get the connections in the shortest amount of time? It's really hard to tell, since trust only gets you so far and it's a lot better to have some guidelines to follow also.

Steve went on to tell another story about how he was fired from Apple. I always thought it was kinda ironic that the rebel company that made the comparison to IBM being a "Big Brother" in that Mac commercial then Apple had turned into another corporate monolith when they fired him. I guess that was one of the differences of vision he had with them. I'm wondering if it was Steve's idea to keep everything proprietary to Apple like Sony did with Betamax and left Apple as a niche market.

He had a good point that in being fired from Apple had let him develope Pixar into the most sucessful animation company and that it wasn't the business that he loved but the computers he engineered so he could still do that elsewhere. I agree that you have to do what you love since I've spent most of my life in jobs that I hated because I couldn't find a way to get paid for what I loved to do. Steve did highlight how important it was, but he didn't give any advice on how to arrange to do it. All he said was don't settle, but not how to pay the bills until you could be able to do what you loved. Over 20 years experience had already taught me how important it was, but not how I could make a living at it.

Steve's 3rd story was about how he was diagnosed with cancer and having to face a brush with death. He spoke about how that changes your priorities with thinking you can put off things until later when there might not be a later. But that is as it should be because it provides for renewal of the old and stale by the young and fresh. In other words, don't fear the reaper (or even the reefer)

He said he looked in the mirror each morning and asked himself "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to be doing what I'm going to be doing today?" and if the answer was no too many times in a row he would know something needed to be changed. I could answer that question no for a few decades, but that doesn't give me much idea of what to change to fix it. Maybe it's what I said in Art 39 class about fixing up my portfolio to include examples of DVD interface designs. Maybe it's something that takes more effort like sending out more emails and trying to get more interviews for jobs. Maybe to be able to do something as "Insanely Great" as Steve did with the Mac I have to take more risks to accomplish it.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Passionate Duet

I have been messing around with YouTube for a couple of days and have found a lot of great stuff that's easy to post on this blog. It's also good for sharing stuff I do in Adobe Premiere like the Ebay music video I did for my MSP 10 college class.

When I found the Elephant Love Medley from the movie Moulin Rouge done with anime and Final Fantasy clips I thought that would be a cool idea to do the same duet with Chris and Minerva since that was essentially the idea that he was trying to convey about soulmates. Although I could change the songs in it or even write other lyrics for them that make it more personally pertaining to them I'm not sure where I should put it yet since it could go in the part at the Boardwalk or even after the confereence with Odin. It would make sense to put it in the part at the Boardwalk since he was trying to convince her about why he brought her there. But it also might fit in when he tries to convince her that no one else will do for him so finding someone else for him won't work.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Divine Order

I was watching the Matrix movies again with the commentaries by Cornel West and Ken Wilber and Ken was making jokes about "Enlightenment being delivered by FedEx" when Neo was given a cell phone from Morpheus and "The American Idol of Messiahs" when Neo was shown into the Oracle's apartment with the other "potentials." I figured I could use those ideas as parts of the connections between the world that Chris is and the ones that Minerva comes from.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Demon Temptation Division

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Since the Tao is like Duct Tape and holds the Omniverse together in balance, it has a light side and a dark side. The Guardian Angel Branch has to be balanced out by the Demon Temptation Division who's goal is to test the focus of peoples evolution by tempting them with substitute gratifications for wholeness and sacrifices to holding onto the ego.

Belle was one agent of the division that already tried to tempt Chris but he was strong to recognize the limits of those gratifications. I figure that Blake Collins isn't and he'd already succumb to Belle's offer.

When Chris also isn't satisfied with the gal that Minerva picks for him because she isn't a close enough resonance match for him, he'll try to do something heroic to get into Elysium to find her and set out to reform the corruption with the defense contracts at Lockheed.

That will give Blake the motivation to ask Belle for Chris to be taken out and tie up the loose ends of the characters with giving them more to do in the developement of the plot.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Past Experiences

I think what Chris will tell Minerva in the car on the trip to Sant Cruz is about his background and why he made the chakra template for the particle beam. That will relate to the idea of soulmates and resonance matches in the chakras. His explanation will help Minerva understand more of what the chakra level was doing on her assignment list.

Since Minerva has trouble grasping what makes cars go, Chris will try to clear up the difference between scientific processes and the magic or miracles she's used to. Like combustion or the chemical processes in developing photographs.

To show the kind of affect she has on people, while heading to the temple they stop at a light and a guy stares at Minerva and when she smiles and waves at him, the guy is so stunned by her beauty that he forgets to go when the light changes and causes a traffic backup.

As they are walking down the Boardwalk, some guys can try to hit on Minerva and Chris will drive them off. Minerva will open up and tell him that most of her experiences with men are that they only treat her as a servant or sex object. Chris can agree that can happen with a lot of guys but not all of them are like that and it makes it a lot harder on the guys that aren't. Taking her on some of the rides, dancing to the concert music and playing some of the games there will help to show her he's not just after her body.

Maybe at one of the games Minerva can make a coin bounce or a ring hang in a miraculous way to show that she still has her powers, she just has to learn ways to focus them better.

There has to be some more obstacles and goals for Minerva to achieve before she can get back to Elysium. Maybe I should have them go to the Boardwalk before they go to the Kiva Retreat. That way Minerva can soften her attitude toward Chris and start to be attracted to him before they contact Odin. Then Odin can tell Minerva that her next assignment is to find a girl for Chris. That'll set up a conflict in both of them that she doesn't want to admit that she's attracted to him and he doesn't want to stop her from completing her assignment and going back home. It also gives them a reason to separate before Chris takes the big risk to get her back. It's the old "starcrossed lovers" syndrome that has been used in a wide variety of romances, where he's a mortal in the ordinary world and she's an angel with a job to do so the societies they are in won't accept the match easily. A lot like Ariel and Eric in "The Little Mermaid"

Going to the Boardwalk first also gives them an example of Minerva still retaining her powers that shows that she has the ability to contact Odin if she can relax and focus, that will let Chris tell her that she might be able to do that better at the Kiva Retreat.
When they get to the Kiva Retreat House, Minerva can recall how the peaceful atmoshpere there reminds her of the gardens in Elysium when she sees someone pick an orange off a tree and it will help her relax more and focus on contacting Odin.

Since Chris is going to be resistant to accepting another gal, maybe I could have him object to her idea of a dating service by claiming places like Great Expectations have the problem of the people that use it are looking for those with wealth and power, not the qualities that he's interested in. Minerva might suggest that he change it to something he liked better or start his own dating service and Chris could try to introduce some more Zen and Tantra ideas into the service more like is starting to do now.

But that would mean that I would have to come up with a character good enough to be an acceptable match for Minerva to believe she had done her job and still have something lacking that Chris wanted in Minerva.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Zen Lessons

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I was thinking that after they get back from Santa Cruz, that Chris could get the idea of using zen practices to get Minerva's powers back from watching martial arts movies like "Hero" and "The House of Flying Daggers." The part about extending your senses, like the geisha did with the echoing of the drum strikes and ballet of the sword fights. They could even practice "zen bowling" like Pat Morita did in "The Next Karate Kid"

While at the bowling alley Chris can also use the pinball trick from the movie "Tommy" and try to get Minerva more in touch with her senses by blindfolding her and getting her to play a game of pinball. That should help her become more in tune with her intuition and the rhythms needed to keep up with the movements of the ball.

Since the whole thing is about both of their growth and Minerva's on the job training as a Guardian Angel, I should put in examples of the lessons she has to grow as a person and gain experience. Odin can tell her that being grabbed by the particle beam was part of her karma and Chris's from the choices they made. Along the way she'll get a lot more practicle understanding of the principles of the formulas in her assignments like the raising of the chakras, the states of consciousness, the levels of Atman and the 8 brain circuits.

Like Sisko explained to the Prophet's, it's like a baseball game, the rules might be fixed and determine the general play, but each pitch has a different outcome when it is thrown and the each batter has a different reaction to it and choses how to deal with the play.

Same with the Grande Game, the rules are always toward growing into unity, letting go of fear and expressing love, but each person chooses, how, where and when they want to handle each step along the spectrum. That's what Odin will remind Minerva of in their conference.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Octaves of Energy

I got a DVD for my Birthday of the Dune mini-series they had on the Sci-Fi channel and it had some extra features on it and in one of them the director was talking about the color wheel and how he used different colors and the 4 elements to tell the story of Paul's evolution into a messiah. He went into the part about different wavelegnths and frequencies and it reminded me about the Octaves of Engery that Tesla, Fuller and Leary wrote about.

I was suprised how well that fit in with what I was going to how Chris discuss with Minerva while they were in the car driving to the temple and how he used the chakras as a template to determine the frequencies of the octaves to bring her to him and how that related to them being soulmates.

I had a chance to soak in a jacuzzi on my Birthday and it reminded me of the times I used to use the hot tub at the Kiva Retreat. It should help Minerva relax and focus on contacting Odin.

Maybe part of what will make Minerva resent Chris besides losing her powers is that most of her experience with men is from heroes using her as a sex object. It'll probably take a while for her to discover that Chris isn't like that and the romance he shows her at the amusement park will go a long way towards changing her mind about him.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Decision points

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When I came up with the idea of using an animated comic in Flash to do a storygame it was a compromise between the kind of comic I did in The Writer's Nighmare Comic
and an animated movie. I wanted to get past the static view I was forced to used in the comic with the speech balloons covering up the parts of the images and the limited number of angles I was able to use that only showed part of the scene. So I figured that animating it to show more of the scene and the action going on was better than a static comic and the speech balloon would only show briefly on the image while fadin in and out. With the limits on how much I could render and lip synching being out of reach given the limits of my system, the comic style was at least a bridge between since it allowed the short sequences of animation I could do to be put together with the speech balloons to tie it together.

I have been thinking should I end chapter 4 when Minerva finishes her audience with Odin? That's as much of the animation that I have, but I could either write more text than animation or continue the animation into the Chris taking her to the Boardwalk. I guess it depends on where I want to pu the decision points. It would probably be easier to go to the beach this time instead of maybe having to resort to the methods I had to use in the 3rd chapter. It does go with the growth I wanted to have Minerva to experience when she hasn't had the kind of romantic situations that can happen on a date in an amusement park, so it would widen her knowledge and give them the bonding that they need.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Angelic Innocence

Minerva was able to handle herself in a strange place like at Lady Blue's Palace because she had the protection of her Angelic Influence and ability to escape anything with the flight of her wings, but having to deal with an even more unfamiliar situation that she wasn't told anything about or prepared for without her wings or halo would make her feel that much more vulnerable and confused. It's no wonder that she would be mad at Chris, and he's going to have to deal with that 1st before they can get down to the business of trying to contact Odin.

Minerva might want to curl up into a ball and not face the loss of her wings but Chris will get her to keep trying to do what's in her best interest. Chris will grow and attone for his only thinking of himself and Minerva will grow to be more independent on more than just her angelic influence.

I'm trying to draw on my experiences over the last few years and trying to capture some qualities that will help flesh out Minerva's character even if the kind of personalities are different then adapt it to the angelic innocence Minerva has. Maybe I should point out some of the miracles on this plane like babies being born, the ability to appreciate beauty in all it's forms, etc and contrast them to Minerva's angelic influence so that she can reconnect with her powers.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Making Headway

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I've gotten about half the animation done for the 4th chapter, I might still need to flesh out more of the character for the monk they meet at the Norse Temple though. I can name him Zakita then have him explain more buddhist philosophy and kundalini yoga to Minerva in order for her to focus her aura and energy more efficiently than praying to contact Odin.

Every Breath You Take

I was reading this article talking about how you can tell things about a person by the way they breathe. Breath awareness is one way to train attention, and by paying close attention to others, just as they are, without an agenda, we forge, nurture, and better understand all relationships. I was thinking how that relates to the Kundalini Yoga that Minerva and Chris are doing to contact Odin, that could go a ways to create a connection and a bond between them since there are exercises like that in Tantric Yoga also. She also uses the example of a rowing team sychronizing their breathing with the strokes that connects the members of the team.

In every buddy movie there are experiences the protagonists share that bring them together in their struggle toward the same goal. I should come up with a few more after they speak with Odin and figure out exactly what Odin is going to tell her since I'm at that point in the animation.

I still need to come up with some good decision points also, I've heard that it helps to base them on the characters personality and what they would do next. I was going to be developing more of Minerva's personality in this chapter through experiences to help her grow. Gaining more self reliance and independence by having to do stuff without her wings and halo is a big part, but I still need some good examples to show it. Showing her inate innocence, empathy and compassion would be a good thing too.

After the meeting with Odin, Chris can try to cheer Minerva up by taking her to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. That will give them more opportunities to bond, to show some examples of her innocence and that her angelic influence is still working. I have a lot of great memories of the concerts at the beach, and the Giant Dipper Rollercoaster that I'm sure that I can come up with something good for them to do. Chris can probably mention that they filmed a lot of movies there like "Sudden Impact" and the "Lost Boys" then Minerva can look blank and ask what that means.

Beach Boardwalk

Monday, April 17, 2006

Monty Hall's Let's Make a Deal Of Fate

My wife brought up an interesting point about the free will of choices and fate. As a hypothetical situation she asked if she would trade our time together and all we had shared for the nebulous promise of something better and more fulfilling. It struck me at the time she said it like the old TV show called "Let's Make a Deal" with Monty Hall asking "Now would you trade your marriage, and everything you have for what's behind door #2?" How would you know what you would get is genuine? A good lesson on that show was that a lot of people were overtaken by greed and traded away something great for something worthless, like a donkey or the lifetime supply of Rice-a-Roni the San Francisco Treat.

That got me to thinking, I might be able to use that situation in "An Angel's Destiny" when Minerva tries to organize the houri into striking for better working conditions that Odin offer her something like the choice between giving up her cause, getting back with Chris, or some other heroes to please her. Might be a good idea to reveal how Odin sent Belle to tempt Chris and how he chose to help her make up her mind also.

She was asking about soulmates and if you could have more than one. I thought about it and figured it was a lot like when Chris put in the frequency and amplitude pattern of the chakras that brought Minerva through the particle beam. Soulmates have matching resonant frequencies in their auras that complement each other. Like the Star Trek TNG episode where Worf goes to different worldlines and quantum realities, one of which he's married to Deanna Troi. To find out which one he origionally came from Data matched his quantum signature to the correct worldline. I figure, soulmates also have a pattern in their chakras that has a similar signature. Like in my story "The Writer's Grand Tour" Peter Jameson's soulmate is Cyan but facet he meets from Steve Nelson's worldline isn't Cyan, he finally finds Harmony to be a match for him.

I was looking for examples of how Minerva would be clueless about the modern world that Chris lives in. Maybe cars would be a good one, when they get into his corvette Minerva could think it was a magical beast and ask what it ate and stuff. Chris would probably have to explain science to her and maybe go into Clarke's Law "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" by those that don't know it's principles. Explaining California culture would probably be a lot harder since even other parts of the country don't get it. When I lived in Santa Cruz it was even different than the Bay Area. As they say "California is like Granola, it's full of fruits, nuts and flakes" San Francisco has the higher concentration of fruits, Santa Cruz has a higher concentration of Nuts and Los Angeles has the higher concentration of flakes.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


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I was thinking that when Minerva was devasted about losing her wings and halo, as part of the explaination of why Chris brought her there he could talk about his need for a soulmate and how he happened to get the exact frequency and vibration rate in her chakras. That could give her a better idea about the kind of resonance and harmony the list of assignments meant.

Chris could admit his mistake about thinking he was creating something and apologize for hijacking her then they could start cooperating to contact Odin.

Soulmate - Wikipedia

Minerva has to fight to get Chris admitted to be her partner as a Gaudian Angel so she gets leverage on the admin by organizing the houri to strike for better working conditions, they agree to her demands and everyone grows as a result. Circe could tell them about: Aristophanes' anti-war comedy Lysistrata, written in 411 BC, has female characters, led by the eponymous Lysistrata, barricading the public funds building and withholding consensual sex from their husbands to secure peace and end the Peloponnesian War. In doing so, Lysistrata engages the support of women from Sparta, Boeotia, and Corinth. All of them are at first aghast at the suggestion of withholding sex, but they finally agree and swear an oath to support each other. The woman from Sparta, Lampito, returns home to spread the word there.


Thursday, March 30, 2006


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I figure it'll be a stormy relationship at first since Chris practically kidnapped Minerva with the particle beam and added to that the injury of her losing her wings and halo is going to fuel resentment towards Chris. I think what's going to bring them together her discovering her vulnerabilities and having to cooperate with him to rectify the situation, once they start working together they'll find the complimentary aspects of their talents that make them a good team.

I'm not sure how long it should go on and how much they have to go through to get in tough with Odin. Maybe Minerva should argue that they need to go to Norway to find one of his Temples, but Chris does a google search to find a Norse Temple in Santa Cruz. I guess it depends on how much Minerva has to grow before she appreciates what mortals have to go through to gain more independence and self-confidence before she gets her angelic influence back with her halo.

When Minerva finally gets to Odin he can tell her about sending Belle to give Chris the idea about bring her there so that she could get the opportunity to grow and develope her skills faster by having to cope without them for a while.

I still have to think of somethings for them to go through while they're going to the temple and the dialogue of getting Minerva's cooperation while she's dealing with the loss of her powers. Some examples like Scarlett Johanson did in the movie"The Island" when the bartender asked if she wanted her drink straight up and she looked up at the roof that shows her complete unfamiliarity with anything in the world. Also something like in the movie "Date with an Angel" where Emmanuelle Beart stops the rabid pit bull from attacking with a look of compassion.

I was thinking that I could use a car and the Ultimate Urban prop for some of the animation of the trip, with different camera angles, shots and then change the textures and put different signs in so it looks like different parts of cities.

I'm not sure how hard I want them to have it to get in contact with Odin, when they get to the temple, I can have Chris explain more about how the energy of the chakras relate to the aura. Minerva can realize how that tied in with the way it showed the levels and resonances on her list of assignments.

I could have them focus their consciousness, tune in to each other more by doing Kundalini yoga, since Tantra is a bit advanced for when they are still getting to know each other and I did use it fairly extensively in "The Writer's Nightmare" but having a monk tell them about it would be a good idea.

When they try just praying at the temple of Odin and that doesn't work one of the monks that tells them of the "Tibetan Book of the Dead" and about the Evolution/Involution cycle of isolation/amnesia and unity/enlightenment. That'll give them a hint for Chris to find out about The cycle in "The Atman Project" and explain it to Minerva so she can see how that fit into her assignments. The could suggest Kundalini Yoga, breathing, meditation, mantras and asanas to help focus the energy and expand their consciousness so that Minerva could get in touch with Odin and it would work better than prayer.


A better location than the temple would be, they could go to the Kiva Retreat House in Santa Cruz and get a massage and soak in the hot to to meditate and practice their breathing with mantras to help focus their Kundalini

Kiva Retreat House - Santa Cruz, CA

Thursday, March 23, 2006

An Angel's Destiny

I've gotten at least some of what I wanted to get down on the break between semester at Butte College. I did that web page with Flash done for the 1st chapter of "An Angel's Destiny" I've got a good template page now for that I can just put the content in for the rest, but I don't know what to write for the 2nd chapter yet.

An Angel's Destiny

The problem is that when I came up with the idea in 1988 and wrote the plot for it, I had only had a general idea for it and a couple of specific scenes. Now that I've finally gotten around to writing it I need to flesh it out and fill in the parts that I didn't get to yet.

The summary of Plot Outlines for the Universe Cube

I had the opening scene which was more graphic and erotic in the original version and the scene where she downloads herself into Stanford Linear Accelerator and uses the energy of the particle accelerator and the chakra system as a blueprint for constructing her body on the material plane.

Since I had the inspiration for the story from the movie "Weird Science" it was going to be a tale of a Guardian Angel helping a nerd type guy into maturing his personality and gainging confidence to achieve his goals. Along the way it was going to give her experience to find her path and where she belonged on it.

Now I need to fill in some of the details about how they do those things. From posting it as a story game at City of If, I'm thinking about doing a subplot of the injustice of the whole notion of the Paradise of Islam where the faithful are promised "76 dark haired virgins" in the afterlife and how sexist that is. From gaining experience Minerva can go back to get better working conditions for the houris

City of IF :: View topic - New Storygame: An Angel's Destiny

I guess I need to develope the characters some more since all I have so far is "Minerva is a houri in Elysium. She is 5' 7" tall with a slender figure and angelic beauty. She has long, glowing golden hair and brilliant blue eyes. Minerva has a kittens playfulness and likes french fries." I was kinda of modeling her start as like the angel that Emmanuelle Beart played in the movie "Date with an Angel" but I need to figure out how she evolves as the story goes on.

Also what I have for him is "Chris Amestrly is a machinist at Lockheed. He is 5' 6" tall with a medium build. He has short dark hair and green eyes. Chris is recovering from an addiction to BBS and is fairly shy. He still has all his fantasies and uses his computer knowledge to realize them." I need to fill in the ways that he grows from that under Minerva's guidance.

Since the next chapter is going to be about the interview with Odin to apply for the Guardian Angel job, I should probably go into something about how it operates. Ravenwing on City of If seemed to be confused about their role since they said "Why do you have Greeks worshipping Odin, who happens to be a Norse god?" so some explaination would probably be in order.

Odin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Odin was promoted to manage the Guardian Angel Branch (GAB) since he had the experience of sending the Valkyries out to be the Choosers of the Slain and that gave him the skills needed to assumed a wider range of responsibilities.

Valkyrie - Wikipedia

Odin was a shapechanger able to alter his skin and form in any way he liked. He was said to travel the world as an old man with a staff, one-eyed, grey-bearded and wearing a wide-brimmed hat. Odin has a number of magical artifacts associated with him: the dwarven spear Gungnir, which never misses its target, a magical gold ring (Draupnir), from which every ninth night eight new rings appear, an eight-legged horse (Sleipnir) and two ravens Huginn and Muninn (Thought and Memory), who travel the world to acquire information at his behest. He also commands a pair of wolves named Geri and Freki, to whom he gives his food since he consumes nothing but wine. From his throne, Hlidskjalf (located in Valaskjalf), Odin could see everything that occurred in the universe. The Valknut is a symbol associated with Odin.

Valknut - Wikipedia

I was thinking that the GAB would be responsible for maintaining the balance of all the worldlines in the Omniverse and raising the vibration rates of the people in them by evolving their states of consciousness by giving them assignments to experience situations and circumstances in the Grande Game that let them grow to the the next level.

Xanth - Wikipedia

They sort of function like the Magician Humfrey does in the Xanth novels by giving the angels and the people the motivations and goals to achieve the experience they need to grow and transcend the limts they have on their consciousness. The classic buddy senario where a journey is undertaken to solve a problem and along the way a relationship grows and lessons are learned in unsuspected ways.

The Compleat Piers Anthony

Since I'm posting it as a storygame on City of If then I should have different choices at the end of the chapter that people can vote on. I could use the the list of assignments that I put in "Memoirs from Sideways in Time" for the poll.

Case #1 Universe #7816
Given: VL=a+7.5*10^14hz: LCYCLE= Mythic Membership: CHAKRA= Manipura
Known: C=1/4*p^2*F^2*L
Find: If E>T then TL
Solution: VL=b+4*10^14: LCYCLE= Solar Ego: CHAKRA= Visshuda
Assignment: Help out crew chief Carl James with his working conditions.
Enlightenment Points Awarded: 10

Case #2 Universe #7679
Given: VL=d+6*10^14hz: LCYCLE= Typhonic: CHAKRA= Svadhisthana
Known: FO=0.159/LC
Find: If E<T then TF
Solution: VL=q+6*10^14hz: LCYCLE= Biosocial: CHAKRA= Anahatta
Assignment: Support Warrior Argon in his efforts to win his lady love.
Enlightenment Points Awarded: 100

Case #3 Universe #7820
Given: VL=a+7.5*10^14hz: LCYCLE= Pranic: CHAKRA= Muladhara
Known: C=1/4*p^2*F^2*L: FO=0.159/LC
Find: If F and A<C then IV
Solution:VL=a+7*10^14hz: LCYCLE= Subtle: CHAKRA= Ajna
Assignment: Stop the Eastern Bloc from setting off a doomsday device.

Case #4 Universe #7806
Given: VL=a+5*10^14hz: LCYCLE= Mental Egoic: CHAKRA= Visshuda
Known: FO=0.159/LC: L=1/4*p^2*F^2*C
Find: If F and A>C then EV
Solution: VL=a+4*10^14hz: LCYCLE= Causal: CHAKRA= Sahasrara
Assignment: Assist student Chris Amestrly come out of his shell and interact with people easier.

Case #5 Universe #7823
Given: VL=a+6.5*10^14hz: LCYCLE= Uroboric: CHAKRA= Manipura
Known: C=1/4*p^2*F^2*L: FO=0.159/LC: L=1/4*p^2*F^2*C
Find: If E>T then L: If E<T then F: If F and A>C then EV: If F and A<C then IV
Solution: VL=a+4.5*10^14hz: LCYCLE= Solar Ego: CHAKRA= Anahatta
Assignment: Aid Princess Dejah Thoris in her plans to rescue Warlord John Carter.

Memoirs From Sideways in Time

But I think I'll change the electronic formulas to ratios of Eros to Thanatos and Involution to Evolution that was in Ken Wilber's book "The Atman Project"

Ken Wilber and Sri Aurobindo: A Critical Perspective

The ultimate psychology is a psychology of fundamental Wholeness, or the superconscious All. At any rate, let us simply note that this Wholeness…is what is real and all that is real. A radically separate, isolated and bounded entity does not exist anywhere.

It follows, then, that to erect a self-boundary or barrier, and hold a separate-identity feeling against the prior Wholeness, not only involves illusion, it requires a constant expenditure of energy, a perpetual contracting or restricting activity. This of course obscures the prior Wholeness itself, and this…is the primal repression. It is the illusory repression of universal consciousness and its projection as an inside-self vs. an outside-world, a subject vs. an object.

Because man wants real transcendence above all else, but because he cannot or will not accept the necessary death of his separate-self sense, he goes about seeking transcendence in ways, or through structures, that actually prevent it and force symbolic substitutes. And these substitutes come in all varieties: sex, food, money, fame, knowledge, power – all are ultimately substitute gratifications, simple substitutes for true release in Wholeness. …This attempt to regain Atman consciousness in ways or under conditions that prevent it and force symbolic substitutes – this is the Atman-project.

So the assignments the the GAB gives are ways to learn how to work out the substitute gratifications and give up depending on the separate sense of self to transcend to the next level of consciousness.

In order to give the people on City of If options to vote on in the poll, I'll give a few assignments but I probably will make some of them more attractive than others in so that hopefully they'll choose the one that's easier to write. Either that, or let them vote for whatever one they want then introduce Chris Amestrly and have him pull her away from her assignment with the power of the beam he creates from SLAC.

Some of the reasons why I wanted the Guardian Angel Branch in Elysium were

...Elysium knows perpetual spring and shady groves, with its own sun and lit by its own stars...were the final resting place of the souls of the heroic and the virtuous. ...Sometimes it is imagined as a place where heroes have continued their interests from their lives. Others suppose it is a location filled with feasting, sport, song... ..there the mortal relatives of the king of the gods were transported, without tasting death, to enjoy an immortality of bliss...

Elysium Wikipedia

That way is makes sense to have Odin as the head of it since he has a lot of experience with heroes and sending out Valkyries to get them. I reworked the list of assignments to fit Minerva options.

Case #1 Universe #6990 T= -8: TAU= 5: TEH= -2
Given: STATE= Mythic Membership: CHAKRA= Manipura: CIRCUIT= Emotional-Territorial
Known: Eros>Thanatos: Involution<Evolution
Find: BW=(FO/Q)
Solution: f=(1/2µ)x: STATE= Solar Ego: CHAKRA= Visshuda: CIRCUIT= Metaprogramming Assignment: Assist Pobak in dealing with his village elders and arrange to settle their diffences in the status quo.

Case #2 Universe #7678 T= -5: TAU= 2: TEH= 0
Given: STATE= Typhonic: CHAKRA= Svadhisthana CIRCUIT= Sociosexual
Known: Evolution>Involution Thanatos<Eros
Find: FO=0.159/LC
Solution: BW=(FO/Q): STATE= Biosocial: CHAKRA= Anahatta CIRCUIT= Neurosomatic
Support Lady Blue in making her decision between two men in search of her hand in marriage

Case #3 Universe #7807 T= -1: TAU= 1: TEH= 0
Given: STATE= Mental Egoic: CHAKRA= Visshuda CIRCUIT= Semantic
Known: Eros>Thanatos: Involution<Evolution
Find: BW=(FO/Q)
Solution: f=(1/2µ)x: STATE= Causal: CHAKRA= Sahasrara CIRCUIT= Neurogenetic
Assignment: Assist Chris Amestrly come out of his shell and interact with people easier.

Case #4 Universe #7820 T= -2: TAU= -1: TEH= 0
Given: STATE= Pranic: CHAKRA= Muladhara CIRCUIT= Emotional-Territorial
Known: Evolution>Involution Thanatos<Eros
Find: FO=0.159/LC
Solution: BW=(FO/Q): STATE= Subtle: CHAKRA= Ajna CIRCUIT= Neuroatomic
Assignment: Stop the Eastern Bloc from setting off a doomsday device.

Case #5 Universe #7823 T= 0: TAU= -2: TEH= 0
Given: STATE= Uroboric: CHAKRA= Manipura CIRCUIT= Biosurvival
Known: Eros>Thanatos: Involution<Evolution
Find: f=(1/2µ)x
Solution: FO=0.159/LC STATE= Solar Ego: CHAKRA= Anahatta CIRCUIT= Neurosomatic
Assignment: Aid Princess DT in her plans to rescue Warlord JC.

Here's the description I used in "Memoirs from Sideways in Time" of Elysium and I can expand on it for the scene in "An Angel's Destiny" for the interview with Odin

We shifted onto a manicured lawn with fountains and sculpture scattered around. The air was warm and the breeze was soft. I saw trees laden with fruit growing patterns around the garden. We got out and walked up the path through the garden. There was a peaceful feeling to the place, like a Sunday afternoon in the summer. I saw all kinds of people sunning themselves and picking fruit off of the trees. They all had blissful expressions on their faces. We came to large building with Greek architecture and flowing arches. There was a sign engraved above the marble doorway, it said 'Elysium Administration Center.' We went up the stairs and into the lobby. Seated at a desk, was a statuesque woman, who looked like she had been sculpted out of marshmallows and honey. She wore a flowing white robe and a tiara with a pale blue stone set into it on her head.

Memoirs From Sideways in Time

I finished the 2nd chapter of the story and got the Flash page more like I wanted it, more like an animated comic that's pretty much like I was thinking of when I was doing "The Writer's Nightmare"

An Angel's Destiny Chapter 2

Hopefully I'll get a better response from posting it at City of If. I was thinking it might be cool to make it into an interactive CD-ROM and selling it on Cafe Press.

City of IF :: View topic - An Angel's Destiny: Chapter 2

This guy called Texas Al on City of If came up with a script for generating character profiles that looked fairly useful as a starting point in brainstorming what the personalities of your characters should be. Since I'm starting the 3rd chapter I figure I'm going to need a bunch more character's when I introduce Chris Amestrly since he's got to interact with people from Locheed and S.L.A.C.

I've only gotten 2 votes for the 1st assigment that Minerva will do for the Guardian Angel Branch but it does make sense that she would want a romantic one like helping Lady Blue pick between suitors for her hand in marriage. She could go there and meet with Nwonknu, Argon and Lady Blue then suggest the idea of them going on quests to win her hand to solve the problem.

While she's doing that I can introduce Chris in his job and daily rountine and then have him design that matter beam that will pull Minerva from her assingment by surprise, the will give the plot twist necessary to bring them together in an unexpected way.

Chris Amestrly is a machinist at Lockheed. He is 5' 6" tall with a medium build. He has short dark hair and green eyes. Chris is recovering from an addiction to BBS and is fairly shy. He still has all his fantasies and uses his computer knowledge to realize them." I need to fill in the ways that he grows from that under Minerva's guidance.

I originally plotted to have Chris as a machinist like I was at Torrello's but now that's 21 years ago, hopefully I can remember what it was like that far back.

Let's see I had just gotten out of the Air Force, moved back to California and got a studio apartment in Fremont, my dad got me a job at Torrello's so it was lomg hours with incredibly repeative tasks that required a lot of stamina and endurance with your hands getting constantly scratched up from freshly cut metal. I was just getting into programming with my Atari 800 and was learning about how machine tools operated with the 3 axis coordinates.

I was getting started on my search for a soulmate, and trying to figure out the rules of the Grande Game and getting rid of the conditioning I was put through in the Air Force. Troubleshooting the problems in my life led me to research all the methods and answers from history, religion, philosophy, physics, psychology, mysticism and esoteric disciplines to find a theory that made sense to explain it all.

It took 18 years but it was worth it to beat the long odds and finally find my soulmate. It's funny to look back at all the trials and tribulations that I had to go through to accomplish it but I did have faith in my examples like Richard Bach and Leslie Parrish, Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley. Now that I'm happily married and they are divorced I'm not sure how to feel about it. Does that mean my faith in them wasn't justified? How can that be true when I achieved the goal I so long sought after? Does that mean that they lost the ideal in the routines of daily life carried on for too long? Or that the ideal of soulmates was only temporary and couldn't stand the stress of a marriage in the long term? I prefer to think they forgot what was important and started to take the relationship for granted.

I sometimes wonder the effects of choices and different worldlines, it did seem at the end of the 80's that history was taking an upswing, MAD scenario was gone, Soviet Union collapsed, the Berlin Wall came down, Silicon dot coms were booming and it seemed that hope was blooming. But now even after I've found my soulmate they seem to be taking a downturn, stuck in another war like there was in the 60's, intolerance rampant everywhere, civil rights being trampled wholesale and apathy about all the abuses. Is it that changing worldlines to one with my soulmate in it that threw the other things off track? Or just that they didn't learn the lessons well enough in the last generation so they have to do it again to get it right? Maybe it's a more advanced level of the Grande Game now that I've gotten my soulmate I need to work on a different aspect.

I've got the animation rendered for the 1st part of chapter 3 where Minerva goes to try and help Lady Blue choose between Nwonknu and Argon. Now I have to cut to where Chris Amestrly is introduced.

I have to setup the scenario where Chris is compelled to use the particle accelerator to drag Minerva to his worldline. So I should introduce his job as a machinist at Lockheed, the people he knows that he has trouble relating to, the idea from Weird Science of making the perfect woman and combining that with the programming a template to materialize in the energy beam from S.L.A.C.

Theory: SLAC Virtual Visitor Center

I figured I can blend some of the characteristics from that generator page to make up someone to show how his life isn't working very well but I need an example, like the way they were having a fantasy about the gymnasts and got their shorts pulled down then had slurpee dumped on them in Weird Science.


Blake Collins is a 52 year old average, very thin straight white man with white skin, blue eyes, and red hair. Collins is an adventurous, impulsive free spirit who likes to party.
Collins seeks thrills, risk, and power-- both physically and emotionally. There are some who are in love with life, but Collins tends to tackle life, wrestle it to the floor, smother it with passionate kisses, and rip all its clothes off. Enjoys manipulating people just to see if he can... almost as much as he enjoys shocking them. Collins is intensely competitive, but for the thrill of the game, not the rewards. Therefore, when someone beats him fair and square, he respects them rather than resenting them.
Exciting, inspiring. Lives life to the fullest. Not a wuss and not a stuffed shirt.
Thoughtless, shallow. Reckless. Emotionally manipulative. Slut.
Collins might harm others deliberately for the excitement of it, and to assert his power over them. he might also harm competitors when the competition gets out of hand. Finally, he might harm bystanders as an unintended consequence of his daredevil antics.

That sounds a lot like someone that would pull practical jokes and make fun of someone for being a nerd. I'm trying to remember what kind of jokes there were when I worked at Torrello's. I do remember the foreman asking me if I had seen the movie "Revenge of the Nerds" at that time I hadn't so it didn't make as much sense as when I finally did, but I did get the joke he was trying to make.

I think I need something more relating to machining to go with that though. One of the main failings was that the forman always underbid how long the job was going to take and then took it out on the people doing the job to make up for his mistakes. Maybe setting something up so that it made it look like it was Chris's fault would be a good way to show his isolation when everyone else laughed at him for it. I could have Blake the foreman, screw with the accounting so that it made it look Chris made less parts and more that were out of tolerance to short the number needed to complete the job to make him look bad.

But that doesn't really give him reason to desire the perfect woman does it? Unless one of the people that was laughing at him was a receptionist that he was lusting over, so I'd need another character for her also. That would make it all tie together.

Beverly Wright is a 36 year old average, athletic straight white woman with tan skin, blue eyes, and brown hair. Wright is an adventurous, impulsive free spirit who likes to party.
Wright is a trend-setter and an adventurer who lives by her own rules. she is excited by innovations and is the first to try them out, indifferent to what the status quo might have to say about the matter. Wright's not one to have repressed fantasies-- she goes right out and acts upon them. Usually she is reserved in her emotions, but they sometimes burst into the open unexpectedly, especially her competitive instincts. Because of her competitiveness she can be a sore loser. She's rather bad at book learning, and may have quit school in frustration, but she enjoys hands-on learning. When she talks, she tends to mix metaphors and scramble common expressions. Origianl, iconoclastic. Can be charming sometimes, mixed with aloofness which makes the charm even more addictive. Not corruptable by the opinion of others.
Brash, thoughtless. Lack of self-control. Poor sport. Impatient.
Wright may hurt other people for the sake of winning, or as revenge for having lost to them. Also, she may feel an irrational, primal impulse to directly or indirectly do something that is hurtful, and she usually obeys her impulses.

I had an idea from that image of the sizzling school Belle I made, that when Chris gets home he could be tempted by one of Hell's Belles to give him the inspiration to build the perfect woman. Something like Elizabeth Hurley did in the movie Bedazzled, but Chris doesn't fall for the deal so he decides to come up with it on his own. I did some of the animation for it and now I think I'm ready for him to go back to Lockheed and set up the equipment for the energy beam.

School Belle

Psy gave me some advice not to make it too easy for Chris to be able to grab onto Minerva with the beam and make a few mistakes 1st. So I was going to have him materialize a gal with cyber implants and a snake tail then an emotioncon gal with angel wings before he figures out that he needs the frequencies of the chakras as a template before he can get it right.

I can use the beam prop from the Well Room in Poser to grab Minerva from trying to help Lady Blue, but I'm not sure how I can get the scene I wanted for building the perfect women from the template of the chakras. I can probably use that rose I was using in the Because you Loved me animation and color it for the different chakras as a lotus blossom but will it work to make the Inner flute, Ida and Pingala channels out of primitives? I could try modeling them in Wings3D and see if that will work for what I have in mind.

Considering I've been envisioning that scene for decades it's kind of important to get it right. Should I just get in something to keep the story moving and wait until I have time to work on doing it better?

I'm making progress on the getting the animation in Flash together for Chapter 3 but I'm still having a hard time with the text and the story to go along with it. I'm trying to come up with as descriptive imagery as I can and examples to show the story to give it more action.

I need something to give the scene with Lady Blue more depth. In the movie "Princess Bride" they did it by having Buttercup order Wesley around and him then him saying "As you wish"

Courtly love - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

That web page describes the stages of courtly love:

Attraction to the lady, usually via eyes/glance
Worship of the lady from afar

Declaration of passionate devotion
Virtuous rejection by the lady
Renewed wooing with oaths of virtue and eternal fealty
Moans of approaching death from unsatisfied desire (and other physical manifestations of lovesickness)
Heroic deeds of valor which win the lady's heart
Consummation of the secret love
Endless adventures and subterfuges avoiding detection
A Catastrophe

I can probably use examples from that in the way Argon goes after Lady Blue to give it more depth. Sending her some sonnets would be good. Nwonknu giving her some gifts would help also.

Shakespeare's Sonnets.

How can my Muse want subject to invent,
While thou dost breathe, that pour'st into my verse
Thine own sweet argument, too excellent
For every vulgar paper to rehearse?
O, give thyself the thanks, if aught in me
Worthy perusal stand against thy sight;
For who's so dumb that cannot write to thee,
When thou thyself dost give invention light?
Be thou the tenth Muse, ten times more in worth
Than those old nine which rhymers invocate;
And he that calls on thee, let him bring forth
Eternal numbers to outlive long date.
If my slight Muse do please these curious days,
The pain be mine, but thine shall be the praise.

Instead of expressing deep and tender feelings like Argon does, Nwonknu can try to buy her affections with jewelry and promises of power through alliances. I should go into descritions of the blue theme in the palace also to reinforce her title. Then Minerva can suggest that they perform the heroic deeds of valor and bring up that's what she's seen get heroes into Elysium so it must be valuable to prove which one is worthy.

Gravity Probe B News - Marshall Space Flight Center Space News

I was doing some research on Lockheed for the 3rd Chapter where Chris Amestrly works and found out the Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center (ATC) in Palo Alto was building a space probe to study the effects of gravity and how that relates to what the theory of relativity predicts. Something like that gives a better background for the story and the ATC is only 6 miles from SLAC so it's easy to tie them together when Chris needs to use the resources to create the matter beam. Plus it gives a better example for Blake Collins to blame Chris for making the gyroscopes out of tolerance and rag him about the lens for the Hubble Space Telescope being out of focus.

Hubble Space Telescope
I read about all this cool stuf they can do there that pushes the forefront of science and new opportunities in space but also all the other stuff they do as defense contractors like bribery and faulty accounting then wonder why they can be so short sighted. I guess it must be because they're such a huge corporation that the executives and accountants that do all the unethical stuff don't interact much with the scientists and engineers that do all the cool stuff. It would be a whole lot better for the economy and a lot more productive to make more stuff to colonize space than to waste on weapon systems that are just going to promote destruction.

Moon Base Proposal

I guess it just makes the shareholders happier to see the returns for the bottom line even though it's for the short term and if they took the time to invest in more space tech they'd get a lot more sustainable return with better products. It's a shame that their focus is so narrow that they don't realize that that kind of strategy runs out of resources


I've gotten about halfway through chapter 3 but I realized that I didn't have a way for Chris to find out about the chakras that he was missing. The easiest way is for someone to mention something about the chakras to him, wear some chakra jewelry that he asks about or see a copy of Shirley MacLaine's Innner Workout tape and get the hint that's what he needs for the template.

It does give a way to explain about the importance of frequency resonance and tell Minerva why those electronic formulas were included in her list of assigments. Chris can explain it to her in stages so she gets the idea better.

I was watching the movie Shakespeare in Love and I thought maybe I could work in a bit with a dog biting Nwonknu to show how he mistreats things. I could also do a part where Minerva is asking Chris how she'll get her wings and halo back. Chris can tell her getting in touch with Odin will work out, and she asks how he knows, he can tell her I don't know it's a mystery.