Sunday, May 04, 2008

Let's hope networking will help with Current TV

I've been commenting a lot more on the news stories since they revamped the system on Current TV. I've been able to get one of them used on TV PC vs.Mac which was a start of getting noticed

Then I was able to get a story I posted about Yahoo rejecting Microsoft's offer which was pretty cool

Even though I don't get paid for those stories since they are just expressing opinions and copying articles from other news web sites, it does get me more known and people that might agree with my opinions. I've gotten several new connections there and my statistics are improving.

Now that Current TV has raised the amount that they are paying for commercials from $1000 to $2500 I might have a better chance of getting one on TV without more support through networking the people that post on the web page

They have a new assignment to make a VCAM for Wachovia Bank that I can try to do. Since the Poser animations haven't been very good response I think I'll put more live footage in this one since I got that video camera now.

The commercial they showed as an example isn't very good and I think I can do a lot better with the theme they want of using Wachovia to save for your dreams. I was thinking of doing several ads this time to increase my chances of getting one on TV. One about the dream of owning a houseboat or a yacht to live on and I can take some footage at Lake Oroville to show the boats there. Also the dream of living on a golf course and I can shoot some footage of Dad's house at Kelly Ridge.