Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Attempting to expand to a wider audience for a deeper impact

Putting efforts into developing my own style that I'm happy with, doesn't always coincide with what others might find valuable. I know some of my work appeals to at least some people that I've heard from, so I have some fans out there but my a lot of my attempts to spread my art to an audience online don't seem to be reaching enough of those that could be fans.

So now that Mom has moved to Paradise, I figured that could be an opportunity to share our interest in art together and also to try and expand the audience for both of us. I looked up the Paradise Art Center and we joined. They have a members show in September so I had a couple of posters printed at Cafe Press to display there. 
Unfortunately the costs of getting them printed is not worth selling them directly through the Paradise Art Center so, the idea is to show examples of my work to more people so that once they are exposed to the kind of art that I do they will be interested in seeing more. 

I left a bunch of my business cards there with my contact info and address to this blog so people can order prints from Cafe Press and that way the manufacturing and shipping costs are part of the price instead of having to cover it by retail which is a lot more inefficient. It also gives people a much wider range of options than buying them directly from the gallery since Cafe Press offers many more products to print the designs on. Plus that way I can do custom designs to order, if they tell me what kinds of ideas they have in mind.

After all that worked out well for the lady who wanted bumper stickers, yard signs and t-shirts custom designed because I was able to design just what she wanted then it was easily produced and delivered to her

I'm not sure what kind of audience that the Paradise Art Center has, but hopefully it can get more people talking about my art and maybe more chances for networking with artists. At the very least Mom and I can share getting more exposed to the art scene there and having fun interacting with the artists there.