Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gathering practices for the video game

To start on gathering the practices I need for the video game I should go into the need for state training and stage training. The practices that help becoming fully aware during waking, dreaming, deep sleep and witnessing like meditation, yoga, lucid dreaming, and astral travel aided by methods like self-hypnosis tapes, subliminal persuasion, float tanks and psychedelic drugs to access the wide range of alternative states of consciousness.

Also practices for stage training like taking on more perspectives like role playing from different characters in each situation and practicing different relative measurements of supposed constants. Like seeing the how the sun sets on different sides from the West Coast over the ocean and from the East Coast over the land. How different cultures experience sexual morality differently, how even gravity is different with different masses, like 1/6 of the moon compared to the earth and 2 times more on Jupiter than the earth. Or even time is relative depending on the speed of the reference frame of the person observing it, like it takes a second and a half to send signals to the moon and it takes years, decades or millennia for the light of the stars to reach earth so the things we see happening took place far in the past.

Part of the role playing could be like taking the perspective you have now and comparing that to what you had at a different point in your life. What you would say to yourself at another time in the past to help with their situation or what you ask of yourself in the future to help with your situation now. It definitely depends a lot on the amount of knowledge, awareness and wisdom available to the person and the perspective they have at the point in time that they are, since it is gained over the course of a life then presumably the farther in the future the more you gain. So if you could go back and impart more to yourself you would have an advantage of having more knowledge and more time to use it.

Some more good practices to help with broadening the range of perspectives you can take is the ones in Robert Anton Wilson’s books “The New Inquisition, Quantum Psychology” and the DVD “Maybe Logic” about different reality tunnels and getting over the either/or duality and insisting on one static view of reality.

I just have to take those kind of practices and turn them into graphic illustrations and game type scenarios to make them come more alive and have greater impact on the people that play the game so they can absorb them more easily to live them as part of their experience.

I like the idea of recurring quests that different characters can try to fulfill and depending on the personality type, stage they are at and what part of the 4 quadrants they are try to do the quest from they could be tailored for that and be different for each part of the quest and they would have experience the quest from more than one stage, quadrant and type to be able to complete it and that would help broaden their perspective. I could also include situations that cover different aspects of the amounts of depth and span to help determine ethical decisions to find the correct path through the quests.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Affirmations beginning to pay off

I uploaded some of the affirmations I was using to YouTube as an example of what animation I put behind them and the text flashing to mimic the subliminal persuasion tapes I used to have.

Then someone named SimoneGervais commented on the video saying "I love love this vidieo it is so creative" and also "I Love your vidieo I will listen to it every day thank you for posting it thanks" which I thought was nice of them and it was gratifying to know that some of my work was appreciated.

Since there seemed to be a demand for that kind of thing, I made anonther one and uploaded it to YouTube. Then I figured since I used a DVD to watch them that it would be a good idea to be able to sell them to others so I sent a message to SimoneGervais telling her "I have found it very helpful to put them on a full length DVD to play so that way the vocal sound of repeating the phrases add with the text of them flashing once a second goes to both the conscious and the subconscious mind at the same time. Then being able to have the animation play behind that keeps other parts of the mind interested visually so that the affirmations can be absorbed more easily.

If you wanted I could make the full length DVD available to you so that you could see all the other animation that I've done to go with the affirmations since it is much to long to just upload."
She seemed agree with that idea since she replied, " I would like somthing to help me I am willing to buy the dvd from you just tell me a link I can go by and I would love to purches one" and was pretty enthusiastic about it also saying, "thank you for responding to my message I would I did love the newest vidieo I am saying these things every day trying to get them inside my spirit and I would love a vidieo"

Since I had already done most of the animation for the DVD I was using myself it was easier to finish it up with a more professional DVD menu, cover and disc design.

I told her "I will mail them the DVD master copy on Monday but still takes them at least a week to process it before it is ready so I will send you to link when it is available to buy. It is my pleasure to be able to help and I appreciate it very much that you enjoy what I've put into expressing my art."

It is a good thing that they worked out the bugs in the system and I had gotten used to what the precautions were in making a DVD for them since it took almost 3 months for me to get all the problems with customer service for the Writer's Nightmare to become available for sale on DVD but this one went like clockwork through the mail and production in just a few days. I was impressed that I got the proof copy exactly a week after I mailed it to them and I fulfilled the promise I made to SimoneGervais about when I could provide the DVD to her. It does follow the affirmation I put on the DVD of "I keep my commitments to myself and others" so that seems to be helping with the follow through.I had some more trouble than that to get it to show up on Amazon but it finally straightened itself out, so now it has a wide range of distribution.

I made a commercial to promote the DVD and Uploaded it to YouTube to try and generate more interest in it. Hopefully there will be more of a demand for it than just SimoneGervais and also the DVD can get better word of mouth advertising since she can tell her friends about it and write a good review about it on Amazon. It might get better marketing for my other DVD as well. Every bit helps get the ball rolling.

Like I put in the description of the DVD As with the concept of the self-fulfilling prophecy, if you think something is going to happen then you go about finding ways to make it happen, although this is usually applied to self-destructive behavior it also is true for changing to a positive attitude and having that affect your behavior to make more choices and look for opportunities that lead to positive outcomes. It is helping with my focus and confidence to get things done. The thing that a lot of people misunderstand about affirmations is like what I put in the article on Current TV When someone says something is impossible for them to accomplish then they are correct since they will never even TRY to do it because that negative attitude stops them before they can even imagine a solution or put any effort into trying to find a method to make it work.

That is what affirmations are for to get past that first stumbling block by cancelling out the what holds you back in trying and enforces your limitations.

But it is only the start since all the positive attitudes in the world won't be effective if you don't also put the imagination into action.

I have found that to be true in my own experience and have tried to correct it by letting go of the limits that hold me back from attempting to find solutions.

Selling 3 copies in a week of the DVD being available for sale is twice as good as I expected either SimoneGervais bought all 3 to give some as gifts, she got some friends to buy the other or the advertising I've been doing for it has been working and other people have seen it. Any of those reasons are good news to generate more demand to be able to sell more of them. It does follow the affirmation I put on the DVD "My life becomes a series of successes" so it helps a lot to get feedback and evidence that shows they are working because it re-enforces the belief and gives confidence that you're on the right track to continue. It gives more weigh to the affirmation I put on the DVD "I have the self-discipline to continue the effort." to have some evidence that the affirmations are paying off in a tangible way.

Especially since SimoneGervais did what she said she was going to do and bought the DVD when I waited a year for MarsDarinder to buy The Writer's Nightmare DVD and he never did. His excuse of not having any money to get it wasn't very good since you would think that you could find $25 to spare during a whole year.

So this does give me some substantial proof that the affirmations help to get my life back on a path that will accomplish my goals.