Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Integral Video Games

I got the Wild Divine biofeedback games and they were certainly worth all the money since the graphics are very impressive, the puzzles that make the goal of the games are challenging and the biofeedback exercises were very helpful to be able to see the effects of bodily processes reflected visually. I thought it was a great way to practice a lot of the yoga breathing methods and get instant feedback on how well it was working. Being able to see the results on the screen was a way to recognize what the experience was correlated to on the screen.

Taking the bodily responses like skin conductivity levels and heart rate variability and learning to manipulate them is transcending those bodily functions as a subject so that you don’t identify with them and making them an object to be able to differentiate and integrate them. I did a Vlog about them to show how they worked

I had some trouble doing a video capture and since the game puts several elements from .mov, .swf and .mp3 files together it was easier to just point the video camera at the screen since I was using it for shots of myself also even if it didn't get very good resolution from it.

I liked what Deepak Chopra had to say and hopefully with the quality of these games he'll be able to reach that "critical mass" whith the wider appeal that video games have than just yoga or meditation does.

Ken Wilber shows how you can find evidence of different types of brain wave patterns that correlate to different types of meditation but they aren't the same as and can't be reduced to brain states