Thursday, May 11, 2017

Chapters Converging

There are a few more branches that the plot could take after first chapter depending on how committed the actor is or if they'll just  agree to only performing in the video for the Kickstarter campaign

Achieving Communion Plot: Chapter 2

When I've found someone in the acting class that is willing to perform in the video, I'll take them to the spot next to the Nature Center to use the water fall next to the salmon hatchery as a back drop, so that will have some impact for the exercise with the naming of the different shades of green and use the picnic tables for the examples of the different categories to put objects according to different parameters.

It has a lot better chance to have a positive impact on people with better actor than I was even with that good of a background

After putting in the graphics and editing the video together to fit in with the other details on the project page, the next thing would be to promote the campaign to get donations. Hopefully the other people in the class would help spread the news on social media among their friends and the actor that appeared in the video would have a good reason to get the word out about it, like the other film and video projects that get featured and were funded

That's where the branches in the plot come in when the project is funded, would the actor be willing to go on to perform in the next phase of shooting on locations at Yosemite, Big Sur and Vasquez Rocks? Also when there is more money to hire more qualified actors should that be considered instead? What would be the amount of dedication of those who were in it from the start? Would that be of more benefit to the project than the qualifications and experience of professional actors?

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