Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Landmarks on the Path

 By using Esalen as a location to shoot episodes of My Fair Guru, it provides more legitimacy from it's decades long reputation being a center for growth and development.


Achieving Communion Plot: Chapter 5

The structure that the environment provides is a focus for a bond in the community of the people filming the show and helps the actors to take the practices more seriously. 

For the audience, that see the actors progress and growth, it provides motivation for those that admire the blondes overcoming the stereotype because they never thought they were capable of it and it inspires them to try also. It is "rooting for the underdog" in the Hero's Journey like in the movie Rudy

For those that resented the blondes in the stereotype it gives them incentive to prove out of spite that if blondes can do it then it should be that much easier for others to do it. But it's still showing them examples of the steps along the path in the journey

Besides the beauty of the natural setting and that of the actors with activities like surfing and yoga on the beach, what would gain a following to make it more entertaining would be the rewards for progress along the path and the showing the landmarks that prove that the actors are growing in their journey. The AQAL Map provides ways of measuring that progress and landmarks like the "psychograph" to show where on the journey the person is. 

By tracking "the center of gravity" of where the actors are on each of the lines of development, the stage of consciousness and the level of their ability to take different perspectives they can show their progress and also how much they can cooperate with the other actors to help each with the practices to get them all to accomplish the same goals with the appropriate amounts of progress to reap bonus rewards.

Wilber uses the idea that the church can be used as a "conveyor belt" through stages of development but that's not the only thing, since The Hero's Journey can also be used for the conveyor belt purpose to provide the myths and the structure to guide people through the stages and popular culture can show people examples from stories on how to navigate the path of growth.

With "reality shows" able to reach those in the most need of growth, that can change the "dominant mode" of society until it can reach a"tipping point" 

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