Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Plots Coalescing

 After writing that journal on 12/21/2007 almost a decade ago, I think I finally worked out how the plot fits together for the end of the auto biographical trilogy called Achieving Communion. At the end of the second part, called Attempting Symmetry, I'll have the Naked Angel finished and ready to be put into practice.

Achieving Communion Plot: Chapter 1

Then I'll enroll in an acting class at Butte College to find a student that is willing to help me film the video for the Kickstarter and Indegogo campaigns to raise the money to produce the movies, reality TV shows and video games. Krys took the Principles of Acting class when we were both going to Butte and she told me all about the assignments and she met someone there that became her friend outside of the class. Because of the nature of the class in cooperating on acting in scenes together it should be easy to get a chance to explain the opportunity to make a video with others in the class.

I could get to know the students for a while before finding out if any of them would be willing to help me with the video.  I could show my business card and use the DVD I made for The Writer's Nightmare and Affirmations with Animation as examples to show any of the students of the kind of work I do and a DVD of video clips to illustrate the idea for the Naked Angel. Using text animation to introduce the problems I had with the other DVD and the need to raise money to get better production quality so he first clip would be to show how kickstarter works to raise money from crowdfunding and why a video is necessary 

The next clip on the DVD would the example of the blonde stereotype and how that narrow view of only certain traits to describe the whole personality requires a dependence on binary choices that something has to be only one thing or another to restrict simple choices.  Blondes can be more than fun and more than dumb. Just because they are beautiful, doesn’t also mean that they can’t be smart since the aren’t mutually exclusive showing how false the stereotype is.

Using video clips from Legally Blonde would illustrate an example of Elle Woods showing how wrong that idea is and prove that concept of people being more than one thing at a time, so there are many more options than only binary. Legally Blonde also shows the transformation of Elle Woods from experiencing her growth from a sorority sister that put marriage to the wrong guy as a priority for herself to a lawyer that put serving justice as a priority for others that will help introduce the concept of the Heroes journey to transcend to a larger identity and include more depth from growth.

Then a clip on the DVD to show a couple of exercises that I want to put in the video for the Kickstarter campaign that I need an actor for. I'll show them clips from Maybe Logic with Robert Anton Wilson to give example of how there are more options than exclusively being one thing or another, with some motion text and a clip from Brain Games to show how perception can be fooled unless that is taken into account and adapted to it.


After that I'll be using video clips from My Fair Lady would show another example of the Heroes Journey and the transformation that Eliza goes through from a poor, simple flower girl struggling to survive to an educated well spoken lady with the expanded options of a duchess that highlight the stages of growth and clarify the reasons behind calling the reality TV show My Fair Guru with the steps along the Heroes Journey of Answering the Call, the Mentor, Central Ordeal and Returning the Elixir.

Then adding video clips from The Next Karate Kid includes Zen lessons into the Heroes Journey with Julie going through a transformation to integrate self discipline, balance and harmony into her life through practicing martial arts. This example shows how meditation and examples of Zen paradoxes fit into the journey to transcend and include more aspects than just simple binary fragments. The expanded awareness of surroundings with avoiding the sandbags blindfolded, the reflexes in harmony with catching the arrow and the visualization of the Zen bowling.

In order to show the path of the journey it is necessary to have a map to show the landmarks along the way. That's what the Integral Map is for to show "all quadrants, all levels and all lines" along the way to track of the progress in the development of evolution.

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