Friday, May 12, 2017

Roles Reinforced

 With the funding accomplished to enable the production with the actors hired from wherever is best then the shooting on location can begin.

Achieving Communion Plot: Chapter 3

Since the locations include places like Yosemite, it would be more effective to bring my trailer along to be able to have all the necessities of shelter, food and supplies all in one place that is easily transportable and close to the wilderness areas that will be chosen for the production. It's a lot more comfortable than just camping and easier to hold everything needed.

Taking the trailer along would even allow a green screen studio to be set up inside with appropriate lighting and also have my computer equipment easily accessible as close to the shooting locations as possible to be able to animate, composite and edit the footage to be certain that the production had what it needed while we were there.

The first thing to shoot at Yosemite is the Mist Trail to Vernal Falls since it will give a chance to show the importance of maps to be able to find your way, how to check for landmarks to make sure the map shows is translated to what you experience and how different maps show different information that can be used in different ways.

Some maps are easier to follow but show less information, it depends on how much is needed to reach the destination, then add in the lesson of how this relates to the Scientific Method that following the path from a map is like following the injunction, straying from the path is like checking for falsity to find out if the map is accurate and asking others that have used the map and reached the destination without incident is like verifying the results of an experiment and gotten the same data from a "community of the adequate" 

That shows the need for context because a map of California would be too general and won't give the details of how to find your way around Yosemite and a map of only Curry Village is too specific to show what is outside of it's range to find anything else. In every facet of perception like getting information from shadows, the amount of context is crucial because that knowledge and how to apply it will be the difference between wisdom and mistakes

Context is also important in being able to tell the difference between theory and practice when you can have all the knowledge of the optics that makes rainbows but that won't give you the wisdom that comes from actually experiencing them. 

People could tell you all they want about the double rainbows at Vernal Falls and even show video but that's not nearly the same as experiencing it yourself. I remember when I first saw them and my reaction was profound even if it wasn't as extreme as some others.

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