Saturday, May 13, 2017

Locations Line up

 When I have gotten all the footage that I needed at Yosemite, the next location to shoot would be at the beach in Big Sur

Achieving Communion Plot: Chapter 4

The beach is a great place to show all the ways that waves, rhythms and vibrations interact. 

Surfing is a great method to get in tune with those rhythms and train your reflexes to act in harmony with the waves and the vibrations of nature.

What would be great would be to have a drone with a camera on it to be able to shoot footage of the actors surfing from the angles that would be available from a drone flying close up to the the waves where the actors are that would show all aspects of what they went through in acquiring the skills necessary in the experience and be entertaining to watch.

The Esalen Institute has a 50 year long tradition of being the "Olympics of the mind, heart, body, spirit, and community, committing themselves to a deeper, richer, more enduring in the fellowship of other seekers." that makes it the perfect location for shooting episodes of My Fair Guru with ten actors attending all the workshops  to show the progress they make in growth and development in Stages, States, Levels and Lines of the AQAL Map.

So the area around Big Sur is the best way to show how all the actors can practice the elements that make up Integral Life Practice because it allows for all the modules to be pursued. 

Yoga and Surfing for the Body Module,  the workshops at Esalen for the Mind Module, the expansive vistas and effects of the waves on meditation for the Spirit Module and the community around a campfire on the beach for sharing in the Shadow Module.

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